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Yamaha’s DTXTREME III is Coming!!!

Published on January 7, 2008 by in eDrum News

It looks like Yamaha is coming out with a new high end electronic drum set. Information on the new DTXTREME III is sparse right now, but Yamaha is planning to release more information on there site (www.dtxperience.com) on January 9th. It looks like Yamaha wants to give Roland a run for their money. This has been a long time coming as far as most edrummers are concerned. Hopefully with another company making very high end edrums the prices will come down a bit. Here is what the new Yamaha DTXTREME III looks like. The picture below is an advertisement in the latest issue of DRUM magazine.

Yamaha DTXtreme III

The text on the bottom of the ad states:

“With a new and innovative hex rack, new cymbals, a new kick tower, and an all-new module, DTXTREMEIII is like no other. Utilizing the same technology that powers the supercharged Yamaha MOTIF XS synth, the DTXTREMEIII module contains over 1,000 onboard drum, percussion, and special effect voices and over 100 General MIDI voices. With its optional memory installed, 512MB of sampling allows players to trigger a large library of custom sounds. Combine the stacking and layering capabilities of 100 voices with other advanced features, DTXTREMEIII is a complete workstation for drummers…like no other.”

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3 Responses

  1. Phil,

    What’s the difference between 2008 and 2009 dtx iii’s? Is all the hardware, pads the same? Is it just a module firmware diff.?
    Can you update firmware as a second owner?

  2. I believe the 2008 and 2009 are pretty much the same. Now if you are talking about the new DTX950 (and DTX900) the pads are now their new silicone type and a new firmware is installed in the new DTX module (which is the same as the old DTXTREME III module). If you have a DTXTREME III module there should be a free firmware update on Yamaha’s site so it makes it the same as the new DTX module. I hope that helps.

  3. Yep sure does…thanks. I guess by now you already know I ordered one…haha

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