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Yamaha DTX950K (new DTX kit!)

Published on December 17, 2009 by in Drum Modules


Yamaha has decided to release information about their new DTX drums before winter NAMM. Yamaha basically has a new flag ship electronic drum kit. The new Yamaha DTX950K pictured above and the new Yamaha DTX900K pictured below.


The technology behind the new DTX pads is a cellular silicone striking surface. The cell (or air bubbles) are used to control the amount of rebound (or bounce) there is when striking the surface. Yamaha can control how many cells in the surface to mimic hitting a snare or a floor tom. The following picture is from the video about the new technology behind the new DTX pad:


As for the module, the new DTX module looks to be a retooled DTXtreem III module. Looks like they did pretty much what Roland did with their TD-20x module (retooled TD-20). Here’s a picture from Yamaha’s website:

DTXmoduleFor more information on the new DTX950K please visit Yamaha’s DTX product webpage.

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4 Responses

  1. spursauto42

    What’s the price point on these bad boys?

  2. The DTX950K street price should be around $5400.00 and the DTX900K street price should be around $4400.00.

  3. goony

    wonder how much for UK? I recently played a extremeIII and liked the sounds on that module..the extreme standard is about £1600 here in UK only £100 more than a TD9..

  4. I don’t have any info on UK pricing (I wish I did). Something to keep in mind. Yamaha a few months back dropped their prices to get rid of their stock. So, the prices you are see right now for the DTXtreem III is the discounted price. Not their standard pricing. The reason I bring that out is because I noticed a lot of people of the forums are complaining about the new price when compared to the current DTXtreem III price. It is not a valid comparison. They should be comparing the price from a year ago. If you get pricing, let us know.

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