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Yamaha DTX700 Editor/Librarian

For those of you using the Yamaha DTX700 you now have a new editor and Librarian software. From John Melas, the DTX700 Tools software. According to John Melas site the software lets you fully edit the DTX700 module.

The DTX700 Editor supports full editing of (from the website): 

• Pad Instruments
• Pad Trigger Voices, Waveforms or Songs
• Pad Trigger Parameters (Pitch, Filter, Envelope etc)
• Kit Effects Parameters (Reverb, Chorus, Variation)
• Kit EQ
• Metronome Settings
• Trigger Settings (Velocity Curve, Sensitivity etc)
• MIDI Settings
• Master EQ

The DTX Librarian features include (from the website):

• Easy to navigate explorer-like user interface.
• Reads Kits from DTX700 Native files.
• Allows multiple library files to be opened simultaneously.
• Supports name editing, category editing and comments for every Kit.
• Supports easy reordering of Drum Kits via drag and drop!
• Allows searching of Kits by name and category.
• Allows sorting of Kits by name, category and comments.

For more information about DTX700 Tools please visit: http://www.jmelas.gr/dtx/index.php

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