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XM Elecdrum, XSM-9SR Drum Module

Published on August 17, 2011 by in Drum Modules

The above picture is the new C-MAX-9SR Electronic Drum Set from the Taiwan based company of XM Elecdrum. This kit comes with mesh head triggers and the new XSM-9SR drum module. What makes this drum module different than their others? This new module comes with a touch screen and the ability to upload new drum sounds via XM Elecdrum software. Here are a couple videos from XM Elecdrum’s Youtube channel:

For those in the states that don’t know, XM Elecdrum have been around since 2006. As a matter of fact, they were at winter NAMM this year. Currently, the only way to purchase their products in the States is via their Ebay store.

XM Elecdrum got my attention about a year back with their acoustic drum conversion heads seen here:

The head is an all encompassing electronic drum trigger. The trigger sensor and 1/4″ instrument jack are mounted directly to the head. This make for an interesting drop in solution. These drop in edrum heads utilize an offset sensor system. Similar to the Ddrum Hybrid kit (covered in podcast #3) and the 2Box Drumit5 kit. Here’s a look at the under side of the XM Elecdrum drop in drum head:

XM Elecdrum still offer these drop in edrum mesh heads with integrated triggering system for those who want to convert an existing acoustic drum set. Keep in mind this is not the head system used when you purchase the C-MAX-9SR Electronic Drum Set or any other trigger pad or kit. XM Elecdrum employ the uses of an internal shell mounted triggering systems. From what I have seen, the internal trigger system is very similar to the drop in trigger system. Meaning an internal side mounted (most likely attached at the drum lug) trigger system which can be seen (sort of) here in their acrylic T-A E-Drum triggers:

For more information on the XSM-9SR Drum Module or other XM Elecdrum products, visit them on the web at: www.xm-world.com.

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3 Responses

  1. al

    Very impressed by the hardware and the look of the kit ! Cool hi-hat that can be choked too. Price is near the Epro live. mmmh, i would love to test it !

  2. Kevin

    That looks sick heavy metal madness plus acrylic I must make money!

  3. atomikboy

    Nice touch…….

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