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Home eDrum News Where did all the Simmons edrums go? (Updated!)

Where did all the Simmons edrums go? (Updated!)

Published on March 22, 2010 by in eDrum News

Pictured above is the elusive Simmons SD9KR. On many occasions the kit was announced, but never really got released. Well, it now appears that most online retails are no longer carrying the Simmons SD5K, 7K, 7PK, or SD9K (SD9KR as well). Some may remember that the Simmons name was acquired in 2005 by Guitar Center. So basically, Simmons is a Guitar Center brand. What makes this even more interesting is the email I got from Guitar Center when I asked about the availability of the Simmons kits. They basically stated that the Simmons kits are not a regularly stocked item and they might be able to ordered it directly from the manufacture. Really? Isn’t the manufacturer Guitar Center? Since when is it not a regularly stocked item?

Hellfire drums will stay on top of this evolving issue. So, check back often for updates.

Update 03/25/10:

My sources are telling me that Guitar Center is doing some kind of recall of the Simmons pads. I hope Guitar Center gets the issues resolved with the pads. I still think the Simmons SD9K is a good product for the price. I know there have been issues with pads no longer working. If I had to guess (this is pure speculation), the wires on the piezo elements are breaking off. This really is an easy fix. Once the wires are soldered back on affix the wires to the sensor plate (this can be done with a very strong tape) and put a dot of epoxy on the solder connections. Problem solved.

Please keep in mind that no official announcement has been made by Guitar Center at this time. Because of this, it is considered as only a possibility and not fact, but we will keep our sources open for more information.

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10 Responses

  1. Nate

    You think it has anything to do with the Simmons pad recall?

  2. I did not know of any Simmons pad recall until 3/23 (right before I got your message as a matter of fact). So, you are correct. There is a Simmons pad recall. I will be adding an update to the article.

  3. cchowa

    I have an elusive SD9KR set that I bought in January from Guitar Center. I heard about the recall, so I called Simmons customer service. The website (simmonsdrums.net) has an announcement and a number to call for more info. They told me the issue is with the snare pads, kick pads, and cymbal pads. I didn’t get any detail on the specific issue, but Simmons is in the process of redesigning them and hopes to have them out in 90 days. My snare doesn’t give great sound unless you hit it pretty hard in the middle and the rep told me that was one of the issues being fixed. He took my info and promised a new snare pad to be sent to me free of charge when they come out. They will sell the kits at Guitar Center and their online sites once the redesign is complete. However, the SD9KR will not be marketed again.

  4. Thanks for the update. It’s too bad they won’t be marketing the SD9KR again. You know they never really did market it. I think Guitar Center never had it on there website and only once advertised it in a flyer. When I asked about it in the store, they told me it was a special order only.

  5. Darryl

    All Simmons products are made by Medeli Electronics in China. All they do is put the Simmons logo on them. It’s pretty much like Chrysler and Dodge, same manufacturer, but a different name.

  6. Yes you are right and I have documented this on many occasions. Just type in Medeli in the search and you will see what I am talking about. Thanks for your comments.

  7. hank1973

    I also bought the SD9KR set in Jan. I contacted Simmons via email about adjusting the sensitivity on the snare and they sent me a replacement snare at no charge. That was nice of them, but the snare still had little response around the edges. If you didn’t hit it in the center, you didn’t get the snare response that you expected.
    I since then contacted them about the 2 crash cymbals and the snare again. Still waiting on a response. The kit does have a lot of features and sounds good when workoing correctly. I have never had a problem with erratic triggering of any pad. As long as the sensitivity level is set correctly then you shouldn’t have a problem.

  8. Jordan1022

    Just checked the Guitar Center website today, looks like they’re releasing it agian but are gonna sell the SD9K in two different boxes
    each priced at $449.50. Any info?

  9. Sorry I have no more info than you. If I find anything out I’ll be sure to post it.

  10. vince

    I tried to buy a simmons sd9k back in ’09 or ’10 used from GC. The price was ridiculously cheap so I asked what was wrong with it. He later informed me the Screen on the Module didn’t work, and they had a recall of that model to fix the problem. around that time i couldnt find an SD9K Anywhere, i mean no one was carrying them online or anything..sooo theres that.

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