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TrapKAT 5KS Powered by Kurzweil (Videos!)

Published on March 13, 2012 by in Drum Modules

It may not have been officially announced by Alternate Mode, but Youtube videos have been released showing the new TrapKAT 5KS in action.

For those edrummers that don’t know what the TrapKAT is, its a large 24 zone FSR midi trigger control surface (pic above of TrapKAT XL). The TrapKAT has been manufactured by Alternate Mode for many years. It is the only complete professional midi control multi surface triggering device of its size on the market today.  The particular sound engine on the new TrapKAT 5KS is the same PC3 sound set from the Kurzweil line of keyboards.

The teaming up of Alternate Mode and Kurzweil is great news. After watching the new TrapKAT in action, I have a few observations. I feel the base sounds are fantastic, however the sounds seem to be missing something in its dynamics. I feel this could be easily over come if it is possible to adjust the sounds based on velocity. Having the ability to adjust pitch, decay, and attack based on velocity would mostly likely enhance the sounds and give them a more realistic feel. This maybe achievable with the TrapKATs velocity switched, layered or alternated trigger settings. Once more users are able to play around with the new TrapKAT I’m sure we will hear the sounds in a much more dynamic light.  Have a listen for yourself:

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  1. EmDee

    Dreadful sounds. Too robotic and machine gun like.

    This guy should have worked with a time-served drummer crate the samples program the kits

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