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Trigger Without A Piezo!

There has been some talk over on Vdrums.com & eDrumming.com about triggering an electronic drum module with a DC voltage. The I have achieved this, and the video below shows how. I also included a schematic of how this test could be expanded. I have not tried this with an Alesis or a Roland drum module, but I will be conducting tests with my Roland TD-8 soon. (You will need QuickTime Player to view the movie.)

DC voltage test movie


Edit (9/10/08):

I never added the picture of my concept switch bank. Here’s the picture that I did for it:

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  1. elrules

    Please test it with a roland module!!! XD

  2. If you have seen the Youtube video of the DIY Electronic drums DC Trigger Test, This is the extra info that wasn’t in the video.

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