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Trigger Without A Piezo!

There has been some talk over on Vdrums.com & eDrumming.com about triggering an electronic drum module with a DC voltage. The I have achieved this, and the video below shows how. I also included a schematic of how this test could be expanded. I have not tried this with an Alesis or a Roland drum module, but I will be conducting tests with my Roland TD-8 soon. (You will need QuickTime Player to view the movie.)

DC voltage test movie


Edit (9/10/08):

I never added the picture of my concept switch bank. Here’s the picture that I did for it:

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6 Responses

  1. elrules

    Please test it with a roland module!!! XD

  2. If you have seen the Youtube video of the DIY Electronic drums DC Trigger Test, This is the extra info that wasn’t in the video.

  3. Chris Hansford

    hi im very interested in this artical for a Roland TD30 kit set up.
    im and amputee and determined to make a way of triggering the roland kick drum by means of a tilt swtich on my stump to activate the kick drum.
    any help greatfully appriciated.


  4. Chris Hansford

    For ref the 9v shouldnt need to be anywhere near that high. normally the companies use a mosfet to trigger the circuits so by lowering the 100k you should be able to reduce thee voltage say to a safe 1.5v battery or even a lithium cell say 3v. the nominal current required means it should last for ages, a lot smaller and easily concealed.

  5. Chris Hansford

    for ref the roland td30 using the normal piezo input will only strike 3 times before it switches off. the internal cirsuit requires a hi lo effect to keep the input firing.
    i built a NPN and a PNP series circuit from pin to base on the drum lead using the middle point on the jack as the trigger input – method being that the kick drum doesnt use the RIM part of the circuit so therefore redundant – the circuit works fine however the effect gives a double kick and i only want a single kick – this is due to the signal going first hi then low. As the signal seems to float it triggers on both points, as soon as i trigger low only or hi only like your doing the input on the roland td 30 shuts down.
    This is driving me nuts being an amputee and watchinf other drummers double pedal.
    I need help please before I loose my mind.


  6. I really wish I could help. I don’t know much about electronics in general. All I know is what I’ve experimented with. I’ve never owned a Roland TD30 and didn’t realize the input conditions would be that different between modules. Have you consider using a Trigger Midi interface like a Alesis Trigger I/O (would have to buy used on ebay as they are not made anymore) or a Ddrum DDTI (same as the Trigger I/O just branded Ddrum). I’m suggesting this because these are a much simpler device and you could plug the interface into your Roland module and trigger that way. My thought is the Trigger I/O (I believe) doesn’t have the same restrictive input conditions of the Roland module. Admittedly, it’s been a while since I’ve use the Trigger I/O. I hope that helps.

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