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The New Alesis DM6 & E-Practice Pad!

Published on April 2, 2009 by in eDrum News



A lot of articles have been posted on other websites about these new Alesis offerings. Most posts just regurgitate the word for word information on the Alesis website. Now don’t get me wrong, the info at Alesis is great info, but who wants to read the same thing 20 times? I’m going to take a different approach. Base on the pictures and the information out there I will try to read between the line and give you my thoughts on these new products.

Lets start with the Alesis DM6 edrum kit.

This cool entry level edrum set looks to be made up of standard Medeli components re-branded with the Alesis name. The Alesis DM6 kits pulls it configuration from two different popular Medeli edrum kits. The kits are the DD506 (rack components, toms, cymbals, and dual zone snare), and the lesser know DD501 (bass trigger, and drum module). The Medeli DD506 is also sold by Simmons as the SD7K drum set. The Medeli DD501 can be found for sale on eBay under the brand name SoundX (See post “New SoundX Electronic Drum Set (SMI-1458)“).


They may be similar, but I think it is worth pointing out that the Alesis branded hi-hat controller and bass drum pedal are new and they don’t look to be a standard Medeli product (in house maybe?).


Lets look at the DM6 drum module itself. I would guess it uses a DB25 connector (a lot like the TD9 from Roland). I say that because it looks a lot like another drum module I’ve seen, the SoundX SMI-1458. Now, how do I know that it has a DB25 connector when I don’t have a picture of the back of the DM6. Easy, I have good pictures of the SoundX SMI-1458 (pictures used here are from ebay seller maineboater). I thought it might be a good idea to show the new DM6 module (left most pic) along with the SoundX SMI-1458 module (middle pic is face, right most pic is back of SMI-1458).

moduledm6.jpg soundx3.JPG soundx4.JPG

This is really an entry level type kit, and Alesis is advertising it as such. I will admit that I was hoping for a replacement for the DM5 drum module, but this is not it. I don’t know if Alesis will be offering the module separately. Right now, Alesis doesn’t seem to be (again, I’m guessing here). It is nice that it has a USB port on it so, using it with a VST should be a breeze. I don’t know if it has a Midi out jack, but I would guess it doesn’t because the SoundX SMI-1458 dosen’t. It would have been nice if it did so you could upgrade the sounds at some point down the road by using the Alesis SR-18 drum machine. Depending on what the street price ends up being, this ekit is definitely worth looking at if you are new to drumming and or edrumming. So, check it out at the Alesis website.

E-Practice Pad


This is an electronic practice pad with built in metronome. It has 60 different exercises. I have always liked these electronic practice pads and looking at the overview at Alesis, this looks to be a very feature packed device. The one thing that I would like to point out is, it appears to be a re-branded Medeli DD6 practice pad (Click Here to hear a demo of the Medeli DD6). Simmons also sells one under the name SD1. Other than the fact that the Alesis comes in black (which I think looks better) they seem to be the same. Here’s a side by side:


Unlike the Simmons SD1, the Alesis does not come with foot switches. However, you can order the hi-hat controller switch pedals from Alesis which would most likely be better than those small plastic foot switches that come with the Simmons model. So, check it out at the Alesis website.

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4 Responses

  1. nabil

    Hello, I was wondering if the alesis dm6 drum module can be plug and played on my medeli dd501 drum kit?

  2. I don’t know 100%, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. The two modules are very similar. The only issue might be the hi-hat and I’m basing that on what I know with the DD501 firmware update from a few years back. I hope that helps.

  3. Gaby

    Hello, I’d like to know if you can possibly sell me just the bass and hight pedals &tell me the price please, thank you >

  4. I’m sorry but, I don’t sell anything. I only report on the latest edrumming gear.

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