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The Lost or Long Forgotten Concept?


A friend of mine was asking the other day if I had idea’s for electronic drums that I never did anything with. I told him “yes, quite a few”.  After that short conversation, I decided to dig out some of my old hand sketches and cad drawings.  While I was looking at these old idea’s a thought came to me, maybe this would make an interesting set of posts on the Hellfire web site.  Well, here is the first post in this new category, and I hope these idea’s spark other idea’s with some of you. There are a few thing to keep in mind when viewing these concept drawings:

1) These drawing were meant for me and me alone, because of this you will find out really quickly that my spelling skills stink.  Please try to ignore the bad spelling.

2) Most of these idea’s were never built or tested. They are just that, ideas based on what I knew at the time.

3) I only used Alesis modules (DM5, DMPro) at the time of these idea’s so you won’t see any piezo/switch type electronic drum triggers that’s used with Roland or Yamaha drum modules. That’s not to say they won’t work with Roland or Yamaha, because they most likely will. I just want people to understand my mind set at the time of these idea’s.

The Octal Trigger System


After upgrading form an Alesis DM5 to a DMPro, I was looking for a way to still use my DM5.  That is when I thought of this trigger system set-up.  Each one of the 6″ Remo practice pads were to be converted to edrums using this diagram:


This diagram is of a standard Remo conversion.  Looking at some of these concept drawing, I can’t remember why I didn’t make some of them. I do remember why I never made the Octal System.  To make a long story short, the DMPro had issues with its OS crashing.  I solved this problem by using the DM5 as a trigger to midi device to run the DMPro.  I don’t know why, but using the DM5 with the DMPro fixed the crashing problem. The time frame for this concept was during the eDrum Set #4a period. (see Gallery)

DIY cymbal stand for Remo Practice pad set


At some point I thought about writing a book on DIY drumming.  This was during the time frame of the eDrum Set #3 (see Gallery). I was big into the Remo conversion also at this time. This concept is for an add-on cymbal stand that is placed on the main uprights to the Remo rack. It uses the rack tube cap to mount the pvc cymbal stand on. I don’t remember why I never made this. Probably had to do with the fact I was living in an apartment at the time.

As I get time to scan more of my hand sketches I will post more on these concept drawing, but this is it for now.

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