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The Lost or Long Forgotten Concept 3

This post is a continuation of “The Lost or Long Forgotten Concept?” So please read the “things to keep in mind” from the other two posts, because they still apply.
Single Acting Pedal and Basic trigger Pad

pedal_basic trigger

The pedal was a concept that I designed after seeing a KAT Percussion Fat Pedal. Think of it as a bass trigger and pedal all in one.  As for the basic trigger pad, it is what it is.  It’s a piece of plywood with a piezo mounted to it and a mouse pad on top for a striking surface. It was my attempt at making a standard type rubber drum trigger, a lot like this one from Yamaha.

Of course this yamaha pad is a three zone, and mine was only able to be two zone at best.

Add a Trigger

add a trigger

This trigger was designed to be mounted inside an acoustic drum much like an internal muffler like this one from Pearl Drums. (picture from Musician’s Friend)

It was to be mounted on the existing lug screws and the input jack assembly wires were meant to fed threw the vent hole of the drum.  That is why there is screw terminals on the unit itself.  The piezo is mounted to a small piece of 5/8″ strapping inside the enclosure and the strapping would be touching the drum head. I think that if I was to build this today, I would most likely add a small piece of mouse pad foam at the contact point of the strapping and drum head.

V-Pro drum Trigger


This drawing was created some where between my eDrum Set #5 and Set #6 (see Gallery).  That would place it about late 2002, early 2003.  It would become my eDrum Set #6 concept, however as you can see there are some differences between this drawing and what eDrum Set #6 became. This design was heavily influenced by Roland Vdrums. Most notably the Roland TD-10 drum set.

Well, that was installment number three.  I will be digging through some more papers here soon, so maybe I will find some other concepts worth posting.

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  1. Ahmad fauzy

    Can this concept work on osp dd-502 module and 13″ snare drum?

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