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Simmons SD1000 Additional Info!

Published on March 20, 2013 by in eDrum News

Since hellfiredrums.com first reported on the new Simmons SD1000 digital drum set, more information has been released. Namely simmonsdrums.net now has a web page up for the new SD1000. You can also download the manual for the new edrum kit as well.

Hellfiredrums.com has gone over of the manual to get an idea of what this electronic drum set is truly capable of. Though the new Simmons SD1000 drum module is truly a Simmons exclusive, the module itself looks to be based on the Medeli DD508 module architecture. But, what really makes this new Simmons module different from the Medeli DD508? V.A.R. technology.

Quite possibly the coolest new feature to this new Simmons drum module is the inclusion of V.A.R. technology. Simmons describes it this way:

“V.A.R. technology combines more internal memory and intelligent sample triggering across 4 different velocity zones for each trigger input. The Simmons SD1000 itself uses 8 samples per trigger zone: 4 velocity zones, plus 2 alternating samples per velocity zone.
The result is natural dynamics, smooth decay times which eliminates artificial-sounding “machine gun” playback or ghost notes when playing rolls — true response between hard and soft strikes. It’s the most realistic sound and natural response ever from a Simmons electronic drum kit.”

It is this one feature that I believe will set this module apart from all the other DD508 varients on the market. The only thing that we could find that the dd508 had that the new Simmmons SD1000 didn’t have (other than having more sounds I assume do to no V.A.R.) was two specific trigger setting functions. That is “Scan Time” and “Mask Time”. I’m not quite sure why Simmons would have eliminated those two functions unless maybe they felt the functions were redundant?

I did notice also and interesting note in the manual:

“NOTE: S1000 series pads are not compatible with older Simmons sound modules – SD5K, SD5X, SD7K, SD7PK, and SD9K.”

I guess my question is what makes the S1000 series pads different from the older SD series pads? I will look in to this and a couple more questions for a later update.

At $699.00 price point, it seems to offer a decent bang for the buck. It would be interesting to see how it compares to the KAT KT2 electronic drum kit (which I assume is its main competitor).

One thing is for sure, I’m definitely looking forward to trying out this new Simmmons SD1000 electronic drum kit. More to come….

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  1. Hey, your site has been really useful so thanks for that! I’m looking to buy an electric drum kit in the ~$800 range, I was leaning towards the Roland TD4KP but I was recommended the Simmons SD1000 and it seems to be more upgradeable which is always a good thing. I also checked out the KT2 since you linked it here–I really like that it has both MIDI in and out. Since these three kits are all in the same price range, do you have any thoughts on how they compare? I’m having a lot of trouble finding detailed specifications online.

  2. Hi Mason,

    I’m currently using an Simmons SD1000 and I like it a lot. If you are needing more on the Simmons SD1000, I highly recommend you download the manual (if you haven’t already) from the Simmons site. The SD1000 module itself does have two additional trigger input jacks that would be used for expansion. I haven’t had any issues with the kit since I purchased it. It’s pretty much set it up, plug it in (and plug in your headphones), and play. I hope that helps.

  3. Ed Brenton

    Just bought the SD 1000.
    Plays great, sounds great. I have yet to explore all the details in the features yet, but this seems like a genuine “bang for the buck” kit!
    Can’t find any info yet on adding another drum or cymbal, but it has inputs for both when they become available.
    Set up was easy but tedious because I was very particlar about placement and wanted everything in place before I tightened everything up.
    Pad response is excellent and at first I thought the snare sounds were a little weak, but it was a technique issue. If you give it a proper whack, as you would a real snare drum, it steps up just fine.
    I’ve been going back over my own tracks from the last few years and trying new sounds with “old” tunes and have been having a great amount of fun hearing stuff I’m used to with a fresh sound.
    Emphasis on FUN! This kit is a pleasure to play and with the eventual addition of a cymbal (and maybe another tom) I can see myself on this kit for a long time. Thanks Simmons!

  4. Thanks for the response! Kind of a silly follow up–but I tried the Simmons kit out in the store again with some headphones, is the headphones jack fairly quiet? A guy working at the store told me that that’s the way most electric kits are but I find that kinda hard to believe.

  5. Ricky

    I was just wanting to know if there is much difference between the simmons sd7pk and the new simmons sd1000?

  6. The module is the biggest difference. The sound quality betweent the sd7pk and the sd1000 are night and day. I felt the pad are a little better as well (meaning the feel of the pad). The bass trigger is fantastic on the sd1000. It has a give in it that lets you burry the beater if that’s your style. I hope that helps.

  7. grog

    Phil (and Hellfire for that matter):

    What’s been your experience with the HH controller? The first one I got was so stiff, I had to jam down the pedal to get any closed HH noise. Very stiff. They sent me a second one which works much better.

    Hellfire: I’ve sent you a PM over at vdrums. Please get back to me. :)


  8. Hi Scott,

    Response is in your Vdrums.com mail box. I hope that info helps you with your article for the next issue of Digital Drummer Mag.

  9. Ed Brenton

    Have been playing the s1000 for a few weeks and thought I’d give you a follow up.
    Still love it and have gotten into the editing aspects pretty well.
    You can adjust the pitch, pan, volume, sensitivity and so much more on this kit.
    I spent some time just trying to get a great “drum” sound out of it and feel like I’ve had some great success.
    There’s also a ton of sound options and I’ve put together a couple of “goof-off” kits just for fun and to see what it could do, ie; all pads with an “orchestra hit” tuned in sequence!
    You can also record a loop of percussion or other music to respond to a pad to start and stop on command by striking the pad.
    I have not hooked this up to any outboard software because I’m still exploring the sounds on the module. It gives you plenty to work with (about 100 bass drum options for example) and because I will be using this to record tracks on a dedicated hardware DAW, I don’t want it to become too complicated just for complications sake. ( it works fine just like it is).
    I’ve been very impressed with the feel and response of the pads and can get some very authentic sounding rolls and cymble swells. As others have noted, the 9″ bass drum pad really let’s you dig in if you want to.
    The pads stay tight and the adjustments leave you plenty of ability to set this kit up to your liking.
    Over all, I would buy this kit again in a minute.
    I am anxiously waiting for Simmons to release the additional pad and cymbal so I can really stretch my playing!

  10. Thanks Ed for the update. It sounds like you have dug deeper into the module with the sequences then I have, but that’s awesome! I am very impressed with what Guitar Center (Simmons) has done with this kit. I too am waiting for Simmons to release the additional pads and cymbal. I’m hoping they sell them as a package to add to an existing SD1000 Kits.

  11. Micah Carley

    I am having trouble believing these reviews are written by real people who own these drums. I have owned three sets by Simmons-all of them have failed and the only good thing I can say is that the company Simmons have a good intention to make you a believer, a happy customer however, the product is just not what it is supposed to be.

    I would say that these drums would be great for a child learning to play drums. But in due time-a very short time, if the child is really interested he’ll find that these drums will malfunction soon after he even begins to learn how to play and so it makes this set and all others a very expensive gift. If you can afford it, then maybe you can afford the better more expensive Roland brand which I am now considering after years of failure from this brand.

    But, I certainly cannot recommend this set to anyone. It’s bad enough I used poor judgement early on recommending this brand to people based off my positive experience with customer service which up until now that is, has been great. So I have came to the conclusion that no matter how great the Customer Service, I just cannot and will not recommend a product that is well, garbage.

    After the last few years Simmons and Guitar Center wants my original receipt and I question why now? Because you know it’s very unlikely I still have one? But there’s another reason I believe is the real issue but won’t and cannot disclose that here. But after exchanging and even upgrading each 3 sets that I’v owned, you’d think by now they wouldn’t ask for a receipt, right? The SD1000 to me is a downgrade. I don’t see anything special with this set in fact, in less then 2 days owning the set (now almost 2 months), I’ve already switched some parts around to help this set be more up to standard-like the snare drum and cymbals.

    The SD1000 is probably the worst looking of all models. I feel like a giant next to these and look even more ridiculous playing them! When bringing this back to our small studio upstate NY, my staff and I joked and laughed about it but, looking at the greater picture of how this is the third set I’ve had from Simmons-it’s no laughing matter at all. It’s a great disappointment and I should have saved my time and headaches by not bothering with this brand-even though I wish and wanted so badly for the SD1000 to finally be what all other models should have been, it fails. I haven’t spoken to anyone from Simmons yet since having to need to cool off from our last emails but, I plan to ask back for the SD9K if possible. I could work with that by using other model parts to make the best possible case scenario. Because with the SD1000, I can’t work with this machine, it’s terrible.

    I don’t know who was thinking it was a great idea to make the drum pads smaller then that of the SD9K. At least with the SD9K the physical look was impressive and I was very happy with it until it also failed like the SD7K behind it. Is the company using cheap equipment to build these or is it poor design and build, or am I just the unluckiest guy in the world?

    Trying hard not to mock anyone or the company as a whole, I’ll say this simply and as politely as I can. I think Simmons means well but their parent company Guitar Center doesn’t. I don’t know how there isn’t bad reviews here but I will see soon enough if I’m able to come back to this site and others if this is here or not and that at least will be one way to determine my hunch. It could very well be I’m the unluckiest guy in the world but then again, why is it with just this brand?

  12. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues with the SD1000. BTW, you never did state what issues you had/have with it other than “I can’t work with this machine, it’s terrible”. Yes other Simmons kits (such as the SD5K, SD7K, and the SD9K) did have many issues, but I haven’t heard of the same issues with the new SD1000. I’ve had my SD1000 since April and I’ve only had a bad hi-hat pedal which Simmons replaced quickly and haven’t had an issue since. I agree the pads are small and I’ve suggested that they make larger ones. BTW, I am a real person who does use this kit and I’m currently recording with it. I did think the module a little gangly to program when I first got it, however it only took me a couple of hours to get use to it. My main kit is an Alesis DM10 custom and the modules are very different from each other. I highly suggest you contact Guitar Center and fill them in on your issues. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Joe

    I just bought a Simmons SD1000, played for about 15 mins and started to have issues with it. When I try to hit the “ride” it did not sound or if it sound was sporadically or sounded like a tom…Anybody with same issues? Anyways, Im returning the product…

  14. I’m sorry to hear you are having issues. I too would return the kit if it breaks down only after 15mins of use. Be sure to tell Simmons (Guitar Center) what went wrong and why you are returning the product.

  15. Gabrielswindow

    I am experienced drummer that has been playing for over 29 years. I only play acoustic sets until my bands current situation where we had to all use headphones to practice. So I decided to purchase a drum set it was electronic. I wanted something cheap but good but then again who doesn’t want that and that’s exactly what I got. I love this module but the main complaint I have with this system is number one the effects. It does have different effects but let’s say if you wanted your snare to only have reverb and your third Tom to have delay… you cannot do that you only can use one. And second and the most aggravating of my complaints is even though the system’s response is phenomenal I agree with a lot of people that also have used in played the system that the pads are very short-lived. I’ve had this system for four months and I’ve already had the ride and the symbol and the snare go out. I really want to upgrade the system by adding another Tom and second symbol crash but I’m also reluctant to do that because I feel that the pads at their current state are not up to par. And third this is supposed to be the flagship of Simmons drums. So I expect all the drum triggers to be dual triggers. I did not know that there was only two dual trigger pads which is the snare and ride. If I would have known this I would have definitely paid a few bucks extra to have all dual triggers. But in short Simmons I’m not mad at you at all I am very pleased with the system even though there are many things with the module I have issues with as in the effects like I said in the issues with the pads but for $700… Kinda hard to beat.

  16. Jimmie

    Just set up my brand new set of Simmons SD 1000 and I already have a complaint. There are no instructions for the wiring. Makes feel real stupid. Am I suppose to go on line, like I’m doing now, go to you tube or go the web site of Simmons to get this info. Guitar shop said just come on down and will show you how to set it up. Great, like I’ve got nothing better to do on this 4th of July. Can anybody help me out with a set of instructions.

  17. I’m sorry to hear your having trouble Jimmie. When I got mine, each cable was labeled as to where it goes. If yours did not come that way, you may have to contact the Guitar shop or Simmons to get a different cable snake that is labeled. I hope that helps.

  18. Tom

    I just bought my simmons sd1000 literally two days ago, at first i was in love it looks amazing and everything was sounding good to me being a beginner. However now that i have been getting more familiar with it i am extremely frustrated with the issues i am having especially trying to learn, when i hit my tom1 in the same exact spot my my hi-hat, snare, and bass drum are being triggered, and not always, so sometimes its just the tom, then the tom snare and bass or any combination of the four when hitting the same spot on the pad. So i thought maybe it was the set so i switched it and still the same issue. Then i went through the whole kit to look for similar issues and i have found multiple pads that when hitting the same exact spot, the same pressure i am getting multiple sounds. This is extremely frustrating especially trying to learn and the hi-hat pedal is garbage as well which i didn’t mind for the price but with the sensor issues i am having it is annoying. Sorry for the long review i would like to know if this is a common issue or maybe just a screw up on simmons part which im sure they will fix.

  19. Tom

    So first of all i would like to say that i already posted on this site and i was waiting a response and my post is no longer here? I wasn’t bashing the kit i am having some serious issues however and it is only 3 days old now. At first i didn’t notice anything wrong at all other then my hi-hat control being very cheap and not very reactive. But by day two i would be hitting the same spot on my tom1 with the same pressure and not only would my tom go off but my crash1, hi-hat, and kick drum. I thought it may be a weird preset since i am new to this so i changed the kit and tested it out some more, and it is never consistent all four would go off or two of the four or any combination of the four when hitting the same spot with the same pressure. I then looked further into this issue and found that multiple pads were doing this. I would really like some feedback on this issue i want to know if its a common problem or just a fluke on simmons part which im sure they would make right. All feedback is appreciated!

  20. Hi Tom,

    Please keep in mind the all post are approved by me before they go up on the site. This is done to cut down on spam. Your first message was never posted until I approved it today.

  21. Gregg

    Recently got the Sd1000 and I really like the kit except for getting cymbal reverb when hitting the side of the tom pads. Also, which I know you dont normally do but just trying to figure out why i hear cymbal sounds while hitting the toms i just started hitting the blue metal from the rack and hearing tonsof cymbal reverb throughout the kit. Hopefully its just a setting or something because I really do like the set. Im 6’3 and this is one of the only electronic sets I felt comfortable with. Please advise. Thank you.

  22. Gregg

    Also trying to find out if there is a way to lock the hi hat controlled in the closed position and if there is a way to change the sound of the click track,from 1,2,3,4 to just a sound? Thanks

  23. Hi Gregg, What you are describing is called “Cross Talk” or “X-talk”. You may need to adjust the setting in your module to compensate for this. Unfortunately sometime cross talk can not be 100% totally avoided. Most kit will have cross talk when you hit the rack of the drum kit. Just don’t do that. Sometimes using a lighter stick can help. I never use anything larger than a 5A stick.

  24. If you go to page 30 of the manual you should see where it states “Click” in bold. There it states to hold down the [MENU] button and press the [CLICK] to see the settings. From there you should be able to change it.

  25. Keith

    I have two working bands, and in our small 3-man act we have used the Simmons SD1000 for over two years with only one issue; which was caused by us when a cymbal cable got crimped and made the sound module have a fit. Repaired the cymbal cable and all is good again. We have used this kit inside, outside, in the rain (not recommended), and it bounces around in our trailer…still it is plug and play and never let us down. We even used this kit in the studio to record our second album as we wanted the CD to replicate our live sound as much as possible. We use midi sequencing, so the SD1000 is a perfect match for what we do. For the price you get big sound, a small footprint, and a snap to setup and tear down.

  26. Jeff

    I know it’s about 2 years too late, but I figured I would leave a review in case anybody else stumbled upon this page looking for an update. I will start out simply. Do not buy this kit or any other Simmons product. I bought my kit on Father’s Day in 2014 and it worked well for about a year. So far so good but that’s when the trouble started. The hi hat all of a sudden one out as well as all of the other cymbals. No harm no foul it was an old kit and I got good use out of it. I purchased the warranty through guitar center so they gave me a new one no questions asked. I got the new one home and it worked very well for a week. All of a sudden all sound on the module stopped sometimes it was 10 minutes sometimes it was 10 seconds. Sound through my MP3 player was still coming through the headphones so I knew it wasn’t just a jack issue. I also had it plugged into my computer and that wasn’t reading sound either. So I took that one back and they gave me another new one. Right out-of-the-box this one had the same issue. I went online and checked if there was an update for the module. There was but as I read about the update version I found out that mine was more than up-to-date. I am now sitting with a $700 practice pad set. I have contacted Simmons and am awaiting a response about getting my money back. With all of the issue that I have had with this kit and the two others I would not recommend it to anybody. Spend the money and get a good kit or buy a real kit and play during reasonable hours so your neighbors don’t complain

  27. paul

    I’ll add to the Simmons SD1000 Drum review 2 years too late. It is good for the price as long as it works. I enjoy it. 1 year after purchasing new, the dial on the module went bad and the HIhat cymbal has gotten very iffy, will it work today or not. I did purchase a warranty, the module is being replaced. The cymbal issue is due to a bad design (too short of a cable) and the hardware (jack) is not durable. Get yourself a very good extension cable for the hihat cymbal.

  28. zig

    I am a little worried after reading so many bad reviews. I have just ordered the sd1000 so I refuse this order when it comes in? Any info would be great.

  29. zig

    I meant should I refuse the order when it comes in? Or had others had good luck with this kit?

  30. micheal

    Has anyone put the statement that the sd1000 is not compatable with older models cymals to the test.. Looking to upgrade modules.

  31. Al

    Stumbled on this site while trying to find solutions for problems I have with my Simmons sd1000, so thought I’d have my say.
    Got this kit about 4 yrs ago from Guitar City simply because it sounded better than any other demo’s they had on display.
    When it was up and running found that the snare would not play rimshots,
    they replaced it, and the hi-hat pedal was way too quiet. They also replaced this but the problem persisted. The sound would fade to nothing if you tried closing it on 4 or 8 beats. The ride cymbal was always inconsistent, particularly with faster beats, missing a lot of them or putting in a crash when least expected, but I put up with it until it finally died 2 days ago which brought me to this site.
    I am now getting crossover from the snare on every part of the kit. Frame and cymbal stands included. Guess it’s back to the manual to see if this can be sorted out.

  32. Ty McGrath

    Hey just wondering if anyone can help me upload midi files and adding sounds to kit profiles. We have a sd1000 and are trying to upload animal/nature sounds for our a nature center display.

  33. Gregg

    can I use another brand of trigger pads to upgrade my simmons sd1000 since they no longer make the upgrade kit?

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