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Roland TD-4sx (New Kit!)

Published on July 26, 2009 by in eDrum News

This new kit looks to be called the Roland TD-4sx. An update to the poplar Roland TD-4K. The big difference is the all mesh drum triggers. The new triggers look to be based on the Roland PDX trigger pads. The price for the kit appears to sketchy at this time. This picture was found on the Musicans Friend website. They are not searchable, but after some digging we found a larger verison of the picture. A big thanks needs to go out to Dual-Screen (a member at Vdrums.com) not only for finding the smaller version of the picture above, but for also finding the new Roland TD-20sx (smaller pic) as well. With out his original find, we would have never found the other pictures to verify the legitimacy of these new products.

More info to come. Waiting for official Roland release…..

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  1. Elana

    I am looking to buy my husband an electric set. I’m a music teacher, but my main instrument is clarinet, so I am hoping you can help me. He will only be playing the kit at home. He is a very good player, so I want the set to feel and sound like a real drum set, but for the best price possible. I’ve been looking at Alesis DM 5, DM 10, Roland TD 4s, TD 10. Could you tell me which one you think would feel and sound good with a reasonable price tag?

  2. That is a tough one. Drummers are all different. There is no electronic drum set that reproduces a real kit 100%. At the same time the electronic kit can be more flexible because you can have more sounds to choose from. Has he shown an interest in electronic drums? I ask because some drummers are what I call a purist drummer and no electronic kit will ever feel right to them. I normally suggest that the drummer go to a local music store to sit down and try the electronic drum kits they have on the floor. Electronic drums will feel different than real or acoustic drums. Some electronic drummers (or edrummers) prefer the feel of rubber trigger pads, where as others prefer the feel of Roland mesh drumheads. Some also like the feel of acoustic dampened drum trigger pads (like the Alesis ones). All have there pros and cons. Are you wanting to purchase new or used? I ask because you listed the Roland TD-10 as an option but the TD-10 has been discontinued for quite some time. With all that said, I feel the Alesis DM10 studio kit is the best bang for your buck, but a lot of edrummers would rather use a Roland TD-12 or TD-20 set. I hope that helps.

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