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R.E.D. Box Sound Shop now up and Running!

Published on August 16, 2010 by in Drum Modules

It’s no secret that the Pearl R.E.D. Box and the Alesis DM10 are based on the same technology (see: Pearl ePro Live with R.E.D. Box Module). With that in mind Hellfiredrums.com was first to bring you the news of the Alesis DM10 being able to upload new drum kit sounds to the module (see: Podcast 8/20/2009 Episode!). Even though the Alesis DM10 has been out longer than the Pearl ePro Live, Pearl was still able to beat Alesis to the punch of actually offering downloadable sound sets with the opening of the R.E.D. Box Sound Shop.

Not only can you buy new drum kits for your Pearl R.E.D. box drum module, but you can also purchase drumless mp3 tracks to play alone with when practicing. For more information about the Pearl r.e.d box (Pearl ePro Live) be sure to check out http://www.redboxsoundshop.com/.

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  1. I have not seen the obvious question on the forums. Can DM10 owners purchase and use the sounds sets from the RED Box Sound Shop? I assume Pearl has put some sort of proprietary thingy into the download. I really like one of the sets (the fiberglass and chrome sample). I played a fiberglass Pearl set for 11 or 12 years and love that tight sound.

  2. Unfortunately, you can not. This was covered over at DMdrummer.com about four months back. Here’s a link to the discussion: Alesis DM10 vs. Pearl’s R.E.D. Box. I believe the answer is in the 8th post of that topic. I hope that helps.

  3. claudio

    i try to open the sample of kind set but no start the sound example. how i can buy the sets if not possible to listen it before?

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