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Podcast Episode #3 (.mp3)

Published on May 5, 2009 by in Podcast

Podcast Episode #3

The number one edrum podcast on the net! Hellfire Electronic Drum Systems podcast #3 is now here!

Roland TD-20 Discontinued!

We are now .mp3 format with a more radio type flavor. We have a lot of news is this podcast. We start off with news about the Roland TD-20 and the issue of some online retailers showing it as discontinued. There looks to be a couple small updates to this story as far as availability, and buying scratch & dent from Musician Friend. All which you can see over at Vdrum.com.

Just got a shipment in!
Scratch ‘n Dent TD-20

ddrum Hybrid Acoustic/Electric

Here comes the Hybrid Kit from Ddrum! Ddrum is more known for their acoustic drums these days, but don’t count them out of the edrum bisuness yet. They seem to have a problem with the information on their website, so here is a link to Musician Friend for the new Hybrid drum kit from Ddrum.

Yamaha Digital Drum Machine Kit

A few online retailers are now offering the Yamaha DD-65 Digital Drum Machine as a complete edrum kit. Here is a quick list of retailers offering this set-up:

Guitar Center

Musician’s Friend



Alesis DM6 Electronic Drum Kit!

A lot of articles have been posted on other websites about these new Alesis offerings. Most posts just regurgitate the word for word information on the Alesis website. Now get the Hellfire take one it:

The New Alesis DM6 & E-Practice Pad!

DIY – Make A Modular Module

With the release of the Alesis Trigger I/O, I started thinking of other ways to use this MIDI interface. Normally, you would connect the Alesis Trigger I/O to your computer and run a virtual drum synth software. (BFD lite comes with it) That’s cool and all, but I found that if you don’t have the latest and greatest hardware in your computer, using the synth software live can’t be done. (Too much signal lag) Then it hit me. Why not make a modular eDrum module? For more information see this post: Make A Modular Module?

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