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Podcast 8/20/2009 Episode!

Published on August 24, 2009 by in Podcast

The number one edrum podcast on the net!

Hellfire Electronic Drum Systems podcast August 20th 2009 episode is now here!

*****Podcast August 20th, 2009 Episode*****

In this episode of the Hellfire Electronic Drum Systems podcast we have an interview with the Product Manager for Alesis, Jim Norman! Not to mention all the updated news since the last episode!

Hellfire Electronic Drum Systems is proud to anounce The Unofficial Alesis Drummer Forum DMdrummer.com. If you use Alesis products with your electronic drums set-up in any way you may want to take a look at DMdrummer.com.

DIY section of the Pod-cast we have the

X4L Mylar Refection Plate (Update)

Most people when they get into DIY edrumming for the first time, they tend to use the Remo practice pad conversion.  Split the foam in half, attach a piezo to a metal plate of some kind, and sandwich it between the foam halves.  That works OK, (rolls and flams suffer a bit) but for my way to work I need a little more shell depth.  Well, my X4L has that depth.  The system has four layers. Continue reading this post…

On the V.I.P. Line: Jim Norman (Product Manger for Alesis)

In this great interview we talk to the Product Manger for Alesis, Jim Norman. We touch on many subjects starting with an article I read over at drummagazine.com and thought you guys might like a peek at the Alesis operation. Also, we touch upon the soon to be released Alesis DM6 and we also, talked about the new DM10 Pro Kit!

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