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Pearl Redbox V2 Firmware update!

Published on February 23, 2013 by in eDrum News

Pearl just released its latest REDbox firmware update V2. This highly anticipated firmware update completely revamps the entire Pearl Redbox trigger settings and kit programs. All kits have been update sonically via EQ-ing, panning and FX tweaking. Not only that, but Pearl has added 50 more kits to the Redbox module making the total kit count 150 kits (and there is still space for 50 user kits!).

One of the great things about this update is the fact that all kits now use the pitch to velocity function. If you are an Alesis DM10 owner and have been visiting DMdrummer.com, you have known for the last couple years just how pitch to velocity function really adds a sense of realism that was missing form the stock Alesis DM10 (and Pearl Redbox) sounds. Now it would seem that Pearl has taken a cue from DMdrummer.com and has decided to incorporate the same technique into their Redbox drum kit sounds.

If you are a Pearl Redbox user and would like to find out more about the V2 firmware update, please visit: https://www.redboxsoundshop.com/redbox-v2-firmware.html

Pearl Redbox users don’t forget that a lot of what can be done on an Alesis DM10 can also be done on the Pearl Redbox. So, for tricks and tips on how to better program your drum module, be sure to check out www.DMdrummer.com.

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11 Responses

  1. Allan

    Do you know how to load the firmware?
    I have read it process over and over again on the Pearl website and I can not get the RED Box to communicate with my MAC. I don’t even know if i have the sysex program downloaded properly. Bob at Pearl e-mailed me direct the sysex and firmware direct to my e-mail and he thought maybe I had an old program so he sent me the 2.o sysex program.
    I really would like to do the firmware update but I have no idea how to get my MAC to recognize the RE Box. HELP!

  2. Unfortunately I don’t own a REDbox. I only own a DM10. I do use my DM10 with a MAC. I’ve never had issues getting my MAC to see my DM10. It looks like you need to use “SysEx Librarian” program to update your REDbox. If you don’t have that program there is a link to it at: https://www.redboxsoundshop.com/redbox-v2-firmware.html
    Make sure you have your REDbox connected to your MAC before you open SysEx Librarian. Also, make sure that your REDbox is in the correct mode to accept the sysex data. In order to do that you must press and hold the “store” button on your REDbox as you power it on. Now your REDbox should be connected to your MAC and in a Midi restore mode. Open SysEx Librarian. Drag your red box-v2-firmware.syx file into the SysEx Librarian window. In the SysEx Librarian program you should see a drop down labeled “Destination”. Click that and select your REDbox module. Now click on the “Play” button in the SysEx Librarian program. Your module should now be updated. I hope that helps.

  3. Allan

    Thanks Phil.
    Bob at Pearl sent me a few e-mails too trying to talk me through this.
    I’ll try it tomorrow.
    You say to turn on the RED box first while holding down store button. I have been hooking the computer to the RED box with the SYSEX program open then turning on the RED box. I have no idea if it makes a difference. My MAC does not recognize the RED box.

  4. Allan

    I ended up deleting everything that was in the sysex file and then just adding in the 2.0 update and set the REDBOX to midi and double clicked and off it went.
    I’ll have to play around with it and see what improvements were made. I now have 150 kits to choose from.

  5. gdbsfr

    Is it possible to flash DM10 with this firmware?

  6. Unfortunately it is not. Though the REDbox and DM10 are the same hardware, there is just enough differences in the O.S. for the two to be incompatible with each others software.

  7. Peter

    Hi. I had the “Chili Kit” on my Red Module, I did the procedure with the PC sysex software and I got the message “BAD DATA” after it was completed. Now what?


  8. Hi Peter,

    You should contact Pearl about this issue and see what they suggest to do to resolve it.

  9. John Levatte

    I am having the same problem and have emailed Pearl but have not received a reply. I too would like to download the Chili kit but don’t dare until I can at least get the thing to update…..HELP!
    Is there a 1-800 number to get directly to Pearl? I would like to speak to someone directly on this rather than use the obviously inefficient email system…..

  10. Randall S Sea

    Does anyone have the rbm-20 v2 sysex file? Pearl site is not available and support is having difficulty making it available.

  11. Joshua Krahn

    I can’t seem to find a redbox v2 update download anywhere – can anyone help?

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