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Pearl ePro Live in 2014

Published on February 17, 2014 by in eDrum News

Pearl, having pretty good success with their ePro Live electronic drum set, has decided to expand on the ePro line as a whole. ePro Live is built on a drum trigger technology that allows the system to be installed on any drum just like a drum head. These triggers are called TruTrack heads. Because of this design, it allows Pearl to convert any existing acoustic drum set to a modern edrum kit. Used with Pearl’s electronic drum module called the Pearl REDbox RBM-20, they are able to offer a good sounding edrum package that can be updated with new drum samples. Here is an exclusive look at these new Pearl ePro Live products.

This year Pearl is offering an upgraded hi-hat solution called the EHH-2 Hi-Hat. It is a hi-hat trigger with an integrated hi-hat controller. This has been a long time coming and in my opinion, this was the missing piece of Pearls “Real Feel” slogan of the ePro Live electronic drum kit. It attaches to any standard hi-hat stand.

Also new for 2014 is the E Cocktail Kit:

E Pro powered by Export:

EPADRM25 and 25S Complete Conversion kits:

For pricing be sure to check your favorite retailer and for more info be sure to check out http://www.e-prolive.com.

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4 Responses

  1. Steve Olson

    Will the EHH2 hi hat trigger work with a Roland TD-30 module? Any settings required on the Roland? (for example, setting the tru-trac heads to the PD-9 trigger type?)


  2. I’m not sure. In theory it should since the EHH2 uses an FSR sensor for the hi-hat position (which is the same type of sensor Roland uses), but there is one extra sensor in the EHH2 that I’m not 100% sure what it’s for (I’m assuming it is a just a switch to keep in the hi-hat from registering a trigger hit when the hi-hat closes). I assume that is why the REDbox (Pearl’s drum module) needs a firmware update for the EHH2 to work with it.

    I Don’t have a Roland TD-30 so I’m unable to test (I do have the Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat which is the same thing as the Pearl EHH2). Please keep in mind that even if the EHH2 works with a Roland TD-30, you will only have a single zone hi-hat trigger. That’s because the EHH2 is only a single zone type trigger.

  3. Steve Olson

    Sorry for the late response! Thanks s much for the info. I’ll be trying the EHH-2 with the TD-30 tomorrow. Hopefully it works fine. I think single zone is fine for my purposes as well. Thanks again!

  4. Dave

    That is almost identical to the Alesis strike Hi-Hat and noboby really seems to know what the switches are for in the bottom section.

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