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Painting the Bases & adding T-nuts

The first thing that we need to do is disassemble the mounting plates and eye-bolt assembly. Once that is done we can start to paint. I would suggest that we paint outside so it is well ventilated. Hang the base on a string or wire and spray paint on a gray primer (unfortunately the super light gray I used wasn’t gray enough. I had to go back and use an automotive spray primer). The reason for the gray primer is because we will be using a grey texture top coat (plasti-kote Stone touch). This way, if we don’t cover every little nook and cranny with our grey textured paint, it will not be that noticeable. If you decide to paint your base a different color, be sure to use a similar color primer. You may be asking yourself, “why a textured paint?”. The reason for this is to hide imperfections in my craftsmanship. Now, just spray on the top coat, and let it dry.

gray primerplasti-kotefinish coat

Adding the T-nuts

Tools needed for this section:
– bench vise

T-nuts are designed to be pounded in with a hammer, but don’t use a hammer. If you do, you will most like damage the MDF base. The best way I found is to use a bench vise. Be sure to cover the jaws of the vise. I used a combination of duct tape and wax paper. The wax paper is what will come into contact with the painted base. The top coat I used, has a plastic feel. Which means if you put a lot of pressure (like the jaws of the vise) on the top coat, it will stick to what ever you pushed down on it with. By using the wax paper, we don’t have this problem. Now, press in each t-nut at every lug mount location. Put the mounting assembly back on and this is what you should have.


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  1. drumguy

    Hi Phil,
    I am interested in you trigger series and am hoping you will continue showing us your final asembley. On how to install the piezo and other controls you have for it.

    I also like your hacking of drum machine article for a less expensive drum module I saw that you hacked the DD55. how is the sound quality when used on edrums as Iam interested in makeing my own edrum and have ben thinking about DD55 or DD65 as my drum module.
    Thank you for your articles and any help.


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