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NEW! Yamaha DTX750 Electronic Drum Kit

Yamaha has released the new DTX700 & DTX750 edrum kits. These new kits include the new DTX700 drum module. The module specs look pretty good. Have a look:

  • 1,396 Voices, 64 note polyphony
  • Includes real Yamaha Acoustic Drum samples.
  • 100 MB Wave-ROM, 64 MB Flash-ROM
  • USB to DEVICE/to HOST, Aux In/Sampling In
  • 12 Trigger Inputs, Aux In/Sampling In

With these new kits Yamaha is introducing their new curved RS700 rack and the new XP70 trigger (for the DTX700 kit). Above is the new DTX750 Kit. Below is the new DTX700 Kit.

For more info on these new Yamaha kits be sure to visit DTXdrums.yamaha.com. You can get the DTX700K for $2,299.99 and the DTX750K for $3,199.99. Considering the price of these new kits they sound pretty good. Have a listen for yourself:

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4 Responses

  1. rockexpert

    But i just bought the last 1 :( lol glad i didnt yet

  2. mpampis

    hey Phil, where did you find these prices? I can’t find them for less than 2800€ (dtx-750)

  3. Those prices are from April so, they could be different now.

  4. Drums

    Planning to get the DTX750. But I need to do some more saving up. Maybe, I can buy it when the price goes a bit lower.

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