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New SoundX Electronic Drum Set (SMI-1458)

Published on October 23, 2008 by in eDrum News

The entry level edrum market seems to be getting more interesting by the month.  As time go on, more entry level edrum sets are getting more and more unique.  I believe this is because Medeli is now custom manufacturing electronic drum sets based on customer (distributors) request. I first suspected this when the Simmons SD9K was released.  Now, with the new SoundX SMI-1458 release, I feel more confident with this suspicion.

Here it is, the new SoundX electronic drum set Model #1458. First off, the pictures used here are from an ebay sellers page (maineboater).  This is because drum set is so new that the companies own website doesn’t have information up as of the writing of this post.



The drum set is distributed by The Singing Machine company. They call their edrums brand “SoundX”.  They are some what new to the edrumming seen however, they have sold two other edrum sets (SMI-1456 and the SMI-1460). It appears that SoundX drums are variants of Medeli drum sets, however like the new Simmons SD9K, this new SoundX edrum set looks to be custom made by Medeli for SoundX. I am not 100% sure that it is made by Medeli, but I am willing to put money on it base on the look of the new SoundX drum module and the pedals.

Two more thing I would like to point out about this new electronic drum set.  First, it looks like SoundX wanted the look of their new edrum set to be a cross between the Roland HD-1 and the 2Box Drumit Five set.  The second thing that I noticed, is the multi pin (DB-25) trigger input port.  This looks a lot like the Roland TD-9 drum module. One more thing of note.  If you look at the manufactured date on the back of the drum module pictured below, you will notice that it states September 2008.  That shows just how new these electronic drum sets are!


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21 Responses

  1. Andy B

    I have the sound-X smi1458 and I moved it in the trunk and it was cold!
    I turned it on and it worked and after a moment then only the hi-hat symbols work.

    What the hell do I do? Is it a fuse?
    I want to be in a rock band and be a rockstar please!
    How do I fix this?


  2. I wish I could help. I don’t own the smi1458 so I don’t know what would be causing the problem. You may want to check the manual to see if it has a factory reset option. If it does, try that. I hope this helps.

  3. natasha

    Bought a sound x SMI-1458 edrum set of craigslist for my son. It works great and he can play it just fine, but would like to see what all it can do. The users manuel didn’t come with it and I can’t find one online anywhere. Can anyone help us out with this? Thanks Natasha

  4. Jus Me

    I just found a manual on Ebay under “sound X Manuals”. Good luck Natasha.

  5. Animal


  6. lyba

    mode d emploi du soundx smi1458 please

  7. Je n’ai pas un lien vers le manuel. Je n’ai pas non une copie du manuel.
    (I do not have a link to the manual. Nor do I have a copy of the manual.)

  8. Animal

    looking for a control head only mine crapped out!any hints on parts or ebay sites!!!???Reg.

  9. hi i need to buy a hi hat pedal and tone 3 i have a smi 1458

  10. gooch 72

    Hi I have a hi hat pedal if u stilll need it. Also tom 3. let me know

  11. gooch 72

    My email is heartbeat327@yahoo.com for sound x parts

  12. JB

    For the manual go here:


    Download the DD501, it’s the exact same drum kit as the SMI-1458


  13. D E Roberts

    Great little kit…! I do a lot of home recording and these things are wicked. I wouldn’t use them on Metallica’s world tour or anything like that, but as a kit for use at home, these are worth every cent of the $300.00 I paid for them.

  14. JC

    G’day, quick question for you D E Roberts (or anyone else who can answer) how do you record the ims 1458 soundx onto computer? Just got a second hand kit today with no manual or cords. I tried playing it through my computer with a cord I have but it didn’t seem to work (I may need a different chord). Any advice would be awesome.

  15. I can tell you right off the bat that many first time users think they can use a USB cable to record audio from electronic drums. That doesn’t work. These device don’t send audio via USB. You need a cable that connects your headphone output of your drum module to your computer’s mic input. A simple 1/8″ stereo phono cable is all you need. I hope that helps.

  16. MIKE

    I have the Sound x SMI-1460 that sound distorted when I play it. I need the PDF manual so I can get it fix. can anyone help?

  17. JC

    Thanks Phil we had tried your suggestions but as it turns I had the wrong setting on the computer. After I saw your post I realized it must have the computer, not the way we had set it up. Thanks for that it works a charm!!

  18. Tony

    I bought one of these for integration purposes a few years ago, but now I’ve gone and lost the manual. The Singing Machine website seems to have no knowledge of this kit. Any idea where I can find a replacement manual or PDF version?

  19. Hi Tony,

    The SoundX edrum kit is the same as the Medeli DD501. You can get the manual for the DD501 from here: http://www.medeli.com.hk/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Manual/AW_DD501_manual_G09_090901.pdf

  20. Frank

    I am looking for just the kick tower does anyone have that for some reason my blue cord got disconnected and I can’t get it soldered back on?

  21. alberto marcano

    I have One and enjoy play it but needsome parts of it like a tom,cymbal pad and snare how can i buy these.

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