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New Simmons SD9KR Kit is on Sale at GC!!

Published on October 15, 2009 by in eDrum News

Guitar Center finally has the new Simmons SD9KR up on their web site. The price is $999.99. The kit is due to be in stock in about 2 weeks. So, what makes the SD9KR different from the standard SD9K? The color, but that doesn’t mean this isn’t a good edrum kit. It is. The SD9K is quickly becoming Simmons best and most reliable electronic drum kit. When you put into context the price you pay for the kit and what the kit can do, it is a great value. For more information about the Simmons SD9KR please review:

New Simmons SD9KR Kit! (update)

Red Simmons SD9KR! (New kit option!)

New Simmons Kits!

Simmons SD9K Complete User Manual!

UPDATE: Simmons SD9K Drum Set

New Simmons SD9K Drum Set!!!

Simmons SD9K Electronic Drum Set Features:

  • Components:
  • (1) SD9 Module
  • (1) Kick pad
  • (1) 11″ dual-zone snare pad
  • (3) 9″ tom pads
  • (1) 11″ floor tom pad
  • (2) Dual-zone crash pads with choke
  • (1) 14″ dual-zone ride pad with choke
  • (1) Dual-zone hi-hat pad with choke
  • (1) Hi-hat controller pedal
  • (1) Sturdy 4-legged drum rack with all mounting hardwareDrum kits
  • Drum kits: 100 total (40 preset kits + 59 user kits + 1 external MIDI kit)
  • General MIDI kits: 12 GM kitsInstruments
  • Drum voices: 725 (drums, percussion, SFX) + 19 hi-hat combos
  • General MIDI backing voices: 128 GM instruments
  • Maximum polyphony: 64 notesEffect types
  • Reverb/Delay
  • 4-band master EQSequencer
  • Preset songs: 110
  • User songs: 100
  • External MIDI control song: 1
  • Song parts: 7 (drum, percussion, part 1 – part 5)
  • Play modes: one shot, loop
  • Tempo: 30 – 280
  • Resolution: 192 ticks per quarter note
  • Maximum storage function: 12,000 notes
  • Metronome function
  • Track mute functionSD card reader
  • Save/load kits, songs and user settings
  • Play standard MIDI files (up to 16 channels)
  • Update operating firmwareMIDI and USB ports
  • Trigger external drum sound generator (sound module, computer software)
  • Use the SD9K as a 16-channel general MIDI sound module for MIDI sequencing
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