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New Simmons SD7K Drum Set!!!

Published on January 4, 2008 by in eDrum News

Check out the new Simmons SD7K drum set. The new Simmons drum set has a new (from the SD5K) drum module that includes not only more sounds but, both MIDI in & out and has a USB port to connect to your computer. Other new features include a dual zone snare pad and larger bass trigger pad to accommodate double bass pedals. If you head over to the Guitar Center web site you will see that the new Simmons kit is getting some pretty good praise. If you want a closer look at this new electronic drum kit, just head over to the Simmons Drums web site.

Simmons SD7K Drum Set

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  1. no1special

    I have the SD7K and it works well for my needs. I use it for recording and even live gigs with my band when space is limited. After every gig at least one person will complement me on the sound. (I run it through the PA system). I would like to expand the kit to add more pads though. I would like to know if I can do this with the Alesis trigger i/o, and maybe if this kit is compatible with a roland module like the td3 or td6.

  2. When you ask if it can be used with the trigger I/O or you asking if you can plug the trigger I/O into the SD7K? If so, it will work with the Alesis trigger I/O if you have any unused midi notes (with sounds) on the SD7K that can be accsessed past the SD7K trigger inputs. The way to find this out is to check your SD7K manual. It should state somewhere what sounds are attached to what midi note. If you have more sounds attached to midi notes than inputs to the SD7K chances are good you can use the Alesis Trigger I/O with it. If you plan on using any Alesis Drum products (like the Alesis Trigger I/O, DM5, DM6, DM10) you might want to check out DMdrummer.com (The Unofficial Alesis Drummers Forum).

    Your kit should be compatible with all the Roland Vdrums modules like the TD3, TD6, TD8, TD10. They should be compatible with Yamaha and Alesis modules as well. I hope that helps.

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