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New Pearl ePro Live Hi-Hat Controller Coming!

Published on November 9, 2012 by in eDrum News

It looks as if Pearl has a new addition coming for their ePro live electronic drum kit. The picture above is now showing the ePro Live kit with a new hi-hat trigger/controller mounted on a standard hi-hat stand (above picture can be seen on Pearl’s Tru-Trac website). The news of a new hi-hat controller in the works isn’t exactly “new” news but no picture has been shown until now of this new trigger/controller. So, is the above picture of the actual new hi-hat or just a marketing prop?

Here’s what we know right now. Back in April of this year Hellfire Drums foundĀ a patent filing by Alesis L.P. for a new Hi-Hat trigger/controller product. Now, you might be wondering what Alesis has to do with Pearl ePro. Well, the Pearl ePro technology actually comes from Alesis. Not only is the Pearl REDbox heavily based on the Alesis DM10, but the Pearl Tru-Trac heads are actually the brain child of Alesis. The proof of that comes from U.S. patent number US 8,039,724. Here are just two of the pages from that patent:

Which brings us back to the Pearl hi-hat controller. A common complaint about the Pearl ePro Live kit from many perspective buyers is the lack of a “real feel” hi-hat trigger on a standard hi-hat stand. This is an issue for Pearl since they like to tout the “real feel” of the ePro live. Now hold that thought for a minute.

Back to Alesis. In April of this year while doing a patent search, I found this a patent filing by Alesis:

Since Pearl has worked with Alesis to develop the ePro live technology, it didn’t seem like a stretch to think this might be in response for a more real feel hi-hat trigger/controller. It was at this time I posted a topic on the Pearl Drummers Forum called: New ePro Hi-Hat Coming! Maybe??. Keep in mind I didn’t know for sure if Pearl was going to use this technology or if they were even working on the issue. In August we found out that Pearl was indeed working on the issue and this was confirmed by Bob Sabellico of Pearl in an email to a ePro user (New hi hat coming for Pearl ePro Live). If you read the posts in the link, you know that we will see the new Pearl ePro live controller at winter NAMM 2013.

So the big question, is that the new hi-hat controller pictured on Pearl’s website or just a marketing picture. I believe it is just a marketing pic for now. If you look closely at the image you will notice that there is no controller between the two hat. Who know’s maybe the controller is mounted on the foot board of the stand. What do you think?

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