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New Edrums at Winter NAMM 2011!

Published on January 10, 2011 by in eDrum News

Well it’s that time of year again. Winter NAMM 2011 is around corner and it is look to be one heck of a year for the electronic drummer. What will we see from Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, Zildjian (yes Zildjian) and Aquarian/Miditronix (yep, I stated Aquarian too)? Yes, there appears to be a couple new companies entering the electronic drum scene. This is just based on what we know is going to be on display. Here’s is what we know so far…

Zildjian AE Cymbals (Gen16 Acoustic Electric cymbals)

Not much is know about these new Zildjian AE Cymbal, but that’s what NAMM is for. The image above is from a Youtube video (Sneak Peek – Acoustic Electric Cymbals from Gen16) that was released about these new acoustic electric cymbals. Notice the many holes on the surface of this patented cymbal technology. The current thought on this design is, these cymbal will sound acoustically just like regular cymbals but at a much reduced volume. The reduced volume has to do with all of those holes. By letting air pass through the cymbal it causes a lower volume in acoustic noise. This works on a similar principal as Roland’s mesh drum heads.

Zildjian will also be debuting the A.E. Drum Rack. Again not much is know about this new acoustic/electronic drum rack except it is based around a patent pending hinge type of system that allows for super fast setup. Harmony Central News was the first to report this.

Aquarian inHead (Powered by Miditronix & Aquarian)

Miditronix a company formed about two years ago by the inventor of FSR (force sensing resistor) technology, Franklin Eventoff and Mario DeCiutiis from Alternate Mode developed a new FSR acoustic/electronic drum head technology. Together with Aquarian these to companies produced the new Aquarian inHead (pictured above). The information on this new a/e drum head was first brought to life on the Alternate Mode KAT Percussion Forum. They will also be releasing the inBOX™, rimSHOT™, hotSPOT™, and inHEAD Mute™ to go along with this new electronic drum offering.

Alesis – Revamped DM10 Studio Kit

It would appear that Alesis has decide to revamp their standard DM10 Studio Kit. This was found out by members over at DMdrummer.com. As new members would get their new DM10 Studio Kit set-up they found that it didn’t match all the pictures of the product on the web. Alesis has move to a more modern 4 legged curved rack. This new rack also includes new composite clamps and two cymbal stands mounting directly out of the two front upright legs. This image is form a DMdrummer.com member from his topic MY NEW STUDIO KIT CAME WITH 4 LEG STAND:

They only other this we know for sure with Alesis is, they are working on the new DM10 OS 2.0. The question is will it be on display at NAMM. only time will tell.

I Want more!

The information above are the things that we know for sure will be on display at this years winter NAMM. Will there be surprises from Roland, Yamaha, or even Pearl? I’m sure there will be. These companies are very closed mouth when it comes to new products, but I’m sure at the very least they will have something that will make us want more. Be sure to check back at Hellfiredrums.com for all the latest developments from winter NAMM 2011. When we find out about it, we will post about it.

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