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NEW!, DMdrummer.com

Published on August 4, 2009 by in eDrum News


The Unofficial Alesis Drummer Forum is now up and running. This is a brand new forum for all of you Alesis drum product users. Come on over and talk about Alesis drum related products new and old. Maybe, you want to talk about the upcoming DM6, or DM10 Pro Kit. You can do it over at DMdrummer.com. If you use Alesis drum modules like the D4, DM5, DMPro or the Trigger I/O come talk about it at DMdrummer.com. Maybe you use an Alesis SR-16, SR-18, or maybe you still use an HR-16, HR-16B, or MMT-8 drum machine. Well, come talk about it at DMdrummer.com. If you use an Alesis drum product then DMdrummer.com wants you!

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  1. michael warren

    I’m new to Alesis. I have a DM10 studio pro and it’s driving me crazy! The main prolem is creating and saving user kits. I’ve followed their directions explicitly, perhaps twenty-five times or more, and though I can move a drum kit from their premade onboard kits, I cannot not get it to do such a simple thing as change an instrument. I’m hoping someone can help me with this. I can’t imagine what I’m missing when I follow the instructions right out of their book.
    Hopefully — before I pour gasoline over the kit and light a match — I’ll figure this out, look back and have a great laugh.

    Thanks for any assistance you can render.
    Michael Warren

  2. Hi Michael,

    First be sure to deactivate the write protection on the DM10 module or you will not be able to save any changes you make. This can be found on page 2 of the manual. Changing an instrument is done by first pressing INST button, then F1 (INST). You should see which trigger is highlighted (if your just turning your module on and doing what I write here you should have Kick1 highlighted). Use the cursor buttons to change the highlighted area. Pressing the cursor down arrow twice will highlight the Instrument currently selected. Spin the value wheel to change the instrument. Once you found the instrument you want to use press the “STORE” button. That’s it. I hope that helps.

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