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New DB10 Drum Module!

Published on October 1, 2010 by in Drum Modules

This is the new module offering from dbdrums, an electronic drum company located in Argentina, but (breaking news!) it is now being offered in the states from Pintech. Hellfire drums knew about the dbdrum module from Argentina, and while writing this article it came to my attention that Pintech is now offering this same module to those in the states. Special thanks need to go out to drumslinger50, member at edrumforum.com (and a really cool guy), for breaking the news first over at edrumforum.com.

So, what do we know about this new module? We know that this make the third module offering from Pintech. The first being the Pintech EZ, and the second one being the EZV2. Pintech, like Simmons (and to a lesser extent Alesis, see DM6) has their modules manufactured from Medeli. It would appear that this new module is a variant of the Medeli DD508 (manual for the Medeli DD508).

The specs of this new module are very similar to the Simmons SDK9, but there are some differences. Here is a quick run down of the specs for the new dbdrums DB10 Module (taken from the Medeli DD508 manual):

• 674 Voices(Drums, Percussion, SFX…), 18 Hi-Hat Combinations.
General MIDI Backing Voices: 128 GM Instruments

• 40 Preset Kits, 59 User Kits

• 120 Preset Songs, 100 User Songs

• Mixer: Drum Vlume / ACMP Volume / SD Card MIDI Volume / Click Volume

• Click: Click Voice / Time Signature / Tempo / Interval / Volume

• Effect Type: Reverb, 4-Band Master EQ

• Connectors: Power Jack, Aux In, Output (R), Output (L/Mono), Kick, Ride, Crash 1, Crash 2,
Snare, Hi-Hat Control, Hi-Hat, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Tom 4, MIDI Out, MIDI In, USB Port

• Extra Storage: Secure Digital Card Slot

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