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Need Drum-less Tracks?

Published on September 19, 2008 by in eDrum News

Even though this site is for the DIY electronic drummer, we actually like to play our edrums sometimes. I can plug in my favorite mp3 or CD player and play along with my favorite music, but sometimes I don’t want the music to have the drum parts. I was going to make this post a list of links I have to some drum-less track websites, but while checking to make sure that the links were up to date I found a new website. The website is drumless.com. O.K., so it has been a long time since I looked for drum-less tracks, and since most of my links were no good I found this site that has the most comprehensive listing I have ever seen of drum-less track websites ever. Not only does this website have a treasure trove of free download track websites, but it also has a very large listing of good commercial drum-less product that you can buy. I highly recommend you check out this website.

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