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PARTS & RESOURCES (for the eDrum DIY’er)

All Electronics
This is a great resource for piezo elements, project boxes, potentiometers, and cables.

Sam Ash
This is a great place to get Pearl mesh heads. They carry all sizes.

UFO Drums
If you want to convert acoustic to electronic drums, these guy got the parts you’ll need.

Billy Blast Drums
Great source for drum hardware, and good prices to boot!

Over 450,000 products says it all. (my main source for general hardware)

This is a great online resource for the round aluminum cake pans that I use in some of my eDrum projects.

Harbor Freight
You’ll need tools, and there prices are hard to beat!

Musician’s Friend
Need I say more!

Drum Perfect
Having a problem finding a good price on eDrum cables, try these guys!

Find tons of quality drum links to every drum subject you can imagine. If it’s drum related, it should be listed here!

OTHER eDrum DIY’er sites

DIY E-drums
He shows you, how he took his standard Roland TD3 KW kit and made it the pro meshhead kit he wanted.

eDrum Forum sites








(unofficial) 2box drumit5 forum


8 Responses

  1. Alex


    I didn’t see any sort of contact so I’ll ask my question in the form of a reply. Is there any real difference between a modified edrum with a mesh head (dual zone like Alesis snare or toms on the DM10 kit let’s say) and the same thing made by an expensive brand like Roland, Hart, or XM in terms of triggering capability? Also do you think that metal e-cymbals trigger any better than rubber ones.


  2. As far as triggering capabilities, No. Keep in mind that you can’t just change the drum heads on an Alesis pad to mesh and be done with it. You do have to change a couple things internally to the pad. You can see that here: Alesis DM10 Pad Upgrade Video!. When it come to eCymbals, its a matter of preference. Many like the look of the metal cymbal triggers, but they tend to be a little louder then the rubber cymbals. If you are in an apartment I’d go for the rubber ones. I hope that helps.

  3. Joey

    I have a question.How to convert a piezo into a trigger switch which will trigger drum samples from PC via qwerty keyboard.?

  4. You might want to try something like this: Trigger Without A Piezo!
    The only difference is, you will need to map the plates to keyboard contacts for a given key stroke. This can be done by using an old keyboard and wiring to the keyboard encoder. I hope that helps.

  5. Erick

    I would like to present you my project of an electronic bass drum system with amplifier and loud and tweeter peakers incorporated. You can see the clip of the development of this project here: http://youtu.be/rEdNKYXh0bQ
    Thank you.

  6. Awesome DIY edrum with integrated amp!

  7. Jorieke Buirs

    i have a question about my ddrum interface. I saw a post of yours on a forum, so i thought you might know.
    I have a dual zone trigger on my snare drum and I want to set a Rim sound on the rim, but I can’t trigger the rim to set it up. What I mean is: when I stroke/hit the rim, it doesn’t give any sign of life or it triggers the cone trigger from the middle of the snare.
    Do you know how I can set up the rim sound?
    Patiently waiting for your response!

    With kind regards,
    Jorieke Buirs (Netherlands, so excuse my English)

  8. I can’t remember if there is a way to cycle to the different triggers via the buttons on the face of the unit. One thing you can try to do is lower the sensitivity of the head zone until the rim is recognized. Then slowly increase the sensitivity of both the rim and head zones. This assumes your trigger rim sensor is functioning correctly.


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