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KTR-7 E-kick by 682Drums

Published on March 18, 2013 by in eDrum News

682Drums is now shipping their new KTR-7 E-kick trigger. According to 682Drums this new kick trigger is able to use a single or double beater pedal. Because the bottom of the trigger uses a special air rubber surface, it provides very good isolation. In addition 682Drums states it works perfectly with Roland SPD-SX, SPD-s and Alesis Performance pad sample pads. For more information about the new KTR-7 E-kick, be sure to visit: http://www.682drums.com

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2 Responses

  1. Craig

    Obvious question I guess, but I’ll ask it anyway. Any feedback on how this compares to something like a Roland KD-7? Noise, feel, trigger behaviour? Probably still a bit new to have much idea about durability.

  2. peter

    Having seen that picture of the KTR-7, i just turned around my triggera kriggV2 and mounted it the same way as the KTR-7. Wich made me also belive, that the krigg was designed with exactly that concept in mind. Then they probably found out, that it still was a little to loud, so they turned it around and sold it that way. I was wondering why the had a rubbersurface on top, wich makes no to much sense, if you mount it directly under the Pedal.
    The krigg is now a little noiser but the Kick feels now a little better…

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