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KAT Percussion KT1 & KT2 Digital Drum Sets (Video & More!)

Published on November 1, 2012 by in eDrum News

KAT Percussion (a division of KMC Musicorp in the USA) is not new to the electronic percussion, but they do have two new electronic drum kits. The KAT KT1 & KAT KT2. This looks to be a great move on the part of KAT Percussion. These two new kits are aimed at the maximum feature tied with affordability market. Let take a closer look at each one of the these new digital drum sets:

Pictured above is the KAT KT1 digital drum set. This is the most affordable of the two new KAT percussion kits. It looks to be geared at the beginner drummer that is new to electronic percussion. For those that follow Hellfirdrums.com, you may notice that this kit looks to be a rebranded Medeli based drum kit and you would be correct. With that said I like Medeli products for the feature to affordability quotient and this kit is no different. So, what standard Medeli products make the new KAT KT1? It looks to be a combination of the Medeli DD512 (Which the kit get its triggers and frame parts from) and the Medeli DD402 (Which the KT1 drum module looks to be based off of). Even though several companies (i.e. Alesis, Simmons, Ddrum) use Medeli based electronic drum kits, they all seem to offer slightly different things and this kit is no different. Here are a few are a few more pictures of the new KAT KT1:

Let’s take a look at the KAT KT2:

This is the KAT KT2. I’m excited about this kit because of the features, playability, and look. Like the KT1 the KT2 is based off of Medeli parts. The kit is basically the Medeli DD516 electronic drum set. The only differences that I see is KAT had the module’s look customized and added the larger ride cymbal over the stock Medeli DD516. Have a look:

Though I’ve never played on the new KAT KT2 yet, I know it will have a good feel. That is because the pads are the same pads used on the Simmons SD9K (a kit that I’ve played). The only difference being the KT2 pad color (KT2 are white instead Simmons SD9K’s black pads). There are a couple of really cool features that I like about the KT2’s module. The first is the “Learning Mode”. This is great tool for those learning drums and those trying to keep there chops. The second features is full midi in, out and USB ports. Speaking of midi out, this is a great feature because, the midi out port allows you to add other midi sound modules to your kit. This keeps your sounds new and fresh. For a great explanation of this see: Make A Modular Module. And of course like the KT1, KT2 is easy to connect to your PC or MAC through the USB port for controlling VST drum instruments.

Here’s are a few more pictures of the new Kat Percussion KT2:

Additional thoughts

Both the KT1 and KT2 come with a special “Soft Strike” bass drum beater. Though this type of beater is not new (See: T-DRUM Triggerball Beater), this is the first time it is available to the USA. I hope that KAT offers this as a separate item for purchase as well. The reason being, many drummers will want a double bass pedal (which the KT1 and KT2 bass pad can accommodate). From what I’ve seen these trigger ball beaters are great on a rubber bass trigger and you only get one when you buy the kit. If you get a double bass pedal you will need to purchase a second one.

I really think many beginner/intermediate drummers will like the KT2 kit. Since the module has space for two more dual zone trigger, I hope KAT also makes those available for purchase as well.

I have not seen what the retail price will be for these kit are yet. As soon as I get that informations I will update to post.

One last thought. As nice as the KT2 module is (and I do like what I see) I would’ve liked to seen a slightly more robust module like on the Medeli DD518 drum kit. The module on the DD518 offers individual 1/4″ TRS trigger inputs. I’m really not a big fan of the multi pin wire harnesses (which both the KT1 & KT2 use). Also, the DD518 module offers much more in the way of sound and trigger functions.

Who knows, maybe we will see that on the KAT KT3…

If you would like additional information on these two edrum kits, be sure to visit: http://www.katpercussion.com

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