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Hart MAXXUM Mesh Heads (new!)

Published on December 17, 2009 by in eDrum News

Hart Dynamics has just released their new mesh drum head offering, Hart Maxxum. Similar to Roland mesh drum heads, this is the newest member of the Hart Kontrol Screen mesh drum head family (which also includes the Hart Magnum drum head). This single ply drum heads has been designed to work well with Snare and Bass drums. It’s available in sizes ranging from 6″ inches to 24″ inches. For more information on this new offering from Hart Dynamics, be sure to check out their “Products” page.

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6 Responses

  1. wound4sound

    these look great phil looks like the mesh there using is phifertex but for the snare and kick would be worth the bucks for the feel and longevity

  2. I’m a newbie..are these to be used on regular drums, with trigger pickups underneath?

  3. Guinness

    Ex Pens ive!

    But if durable, maybe it’s worth it.

  4. Yes. Or they can be used as silent practice drum heads. You could also use them with the side mount electronic triggers.

  5. mark

    does the side trigger work well with the mesh heads, or pintech triggers are better

  6. Either type of edrum trigger should work just fine. The only difference is, the side mount triggers can not handle positional sensing. Only a center mounted trigger system can handle that (and of course a Roland module that has positional sensing). I hope that works for you.

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