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HART Ecymbal III (NEW!)

Published on November 13, 2012 by in eDrum News

These are the new HART Dynamics Ecymbal III electronic cymbal triggers. These new electronic cymbals are made from genuine Sabian cymbals. They feature the TE3.2 transfer technology that give you the acoustic cymbal feel without the full acoustic noise. To dampen the noise even more, the Ecymball III uses a custom blended rubber  pad on a third of the surface. This pad is user replaceable and removable. They also include an Aquarian heavy duty cymbal mounting spring and of course Hart Dynamics lifetime guarantee. According to Musician’s Friend, the new Ecymbal III’s are available in 14″ Hi-hat, 16″ Crash, and 20″ (3 zone) Ride configurations. They also point out that the 14″ Hi-hat cymbal trigger can be used as a 2 zone crash as well. Here’s the original Musician’s Friend ad (Dec. 2012 catalog):

At the writing of the post (11/13/2012) Hart Dynamics does not have the information listed on their site. However I was able to find a web page from what looks to be Hart Dynamics web page designer that states the following for the Ecymbal III Ride:


The patented Bronze Metal ECYMBAL III electronic cymbals feel and play exactly like acoustic cymbals because they are! These cymbals feature our patented design in which two cymbals are riveted together to eliminate resonance and acoustic volume. Electronic Hi-hat pedal activates fully variable open to close parameters, as well as foot “chic’ and foot splash. ECYMBAL III cymbals come with custom blended rubber on 1/3 of the cymbal for extreme stealth. You can also remove the rubber for exact acoustic “feel”. These cymbals are virtually indistinguishable from “brilliant” finish acoustic cymbals. ECYMBAL III Ride cymbals also come with Aquarian Cymbal Springs to enhance feel. All cymbals have incredible triggering characteristics. Heavy duty trigger with high output and “snap-lock” 1/4? connectors to ensure cymbals stop playing when you do. Why play a rubber pad when you can play the real thing.


• Electracoustic cymbal features Transparent Energy Transfer (TE3.2) technology which allows response and feel of an acoustic cymbal while achieving virtually silent operation.
• Ecymbal III 20? Ride features bronze metal cymbals for enhanced acoustic feel.
• Ecymbal III features highly polished “Brilliant” finish.
• Custom blended rubber (removable and user replaceable) on 1/3 of cymbal for quiet operation/exact acoustic feel.
• True 3-Zone trigger design.
• Outputs available in 1/4? TRS format.
• Unsurpassed sensitivity, dynamic range and positional sensing.
• Mounts on standard boom or cymbal stand.
• Includes Heavy-Duty Cymbal Spring.
• 1/4? TRS (stereo) connector output format.
• Lifetime Guarantee


• Roland TD-30
• Roland TD-20
• Roland TD-15
• Roland TD-12
• Roland TD-11
• Roland TD-10
• Roland TD-9
• Roland TD-8
• Roland TD-6
• Alesis DM10
• Alesis DM5
• Alesis Trigger IO

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20? RIDE ECYMBAL III / (Brilliant Metal) Metal Rubber ECIII-20RB
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