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-eMini- Get This Show on The Road


Well, sorry for the delay on this project. It became necessary to track down some alternative part suppliers for our new cymbal modules. Now with the new parts we are using, we are up and running again. Please note that our new cymbal modules look a little different now than they did when this project was done.

I wanted to write this project up a little differently than I have in the past. I wanted to keep it as short as I could and try to let the picture show how it is done. With all that said, lets make the eMini

dscf4102.JPG dscf4101.JPG

Here’s the practice pad that we are going to use the rubber from. This is a typical rubber on steel practice pad. The pad itself is from a practice pad set. These type of practice sets can be bought from $80.00 and up.

dscf4105.JPG dscf4106.JPG dscf4107.JPG

First let peel off the rubber. You might need to use a putty knife to get it started. Be sure to use the rubber as a template to cut down your plastic cymbal.

dscf4104.JPG dscf4103.JPG

Drape the rubber over the top of the cymbal and mark the circle. The bottom of the rubber should have a dimple that you can use to line up the rubber and the cymbal. Just make sure the dimple and cymbal mounting are lined up. Mark your circle. I used a permenant marker. Cut out the cymbal with a jig saw. Sand the cut edge of the plastic cymbal.

dscf4109.JPG dscf4110.JPG

Lets turn our attention to the rubber. With the dimple side up and using a circle cutter (can be found at any craft store), cut a hole the same size as the bell of the cymbal.

dscf4112.JPG dscf4113.JPG dscf4114.JPG

Once you got the hole for the bell cut out, fit the rubber over the practice cymbal. Start with one side and work your way around the cymbal. The last couple inches may be a little diffcaullt, but it will fit.

dscf4116.JPG dscf4117.JPG

With the cymbal assembly bottom side up, place the SZC-1 or EZC-1 cymbal module on the cymbal as shown above. The SZC-1 and EZC-1 cymbal module is availible from the Hellfire “Store”. Mark the mounting holes with an awl or a nail. Drill you mounting holes through the plastic and rubber.

dscf4120.JPG dscf4121.JPG

Now that your mounting holes are drilled out, take the rubber back off. Using a 1/2″ drill bit, drill the holes in the rubber out. This can be a little tricky. Don’t push the drill into the rubber. Try to hold the drill back when drilling the hole. Don’t let the drill pull the bit into the rubber. If you do it right, you will have to nice looking 1/2″ holes.

dscf4119.JPG dscf4125.JPG dscf4391.jpg

Mount the cymbal module to the plastic cymbal, and then put the rubber striking surface back on the cymbal. Be sure to line the holes up as shown. All finished. Now just mount the eMini cymbal to your favorite stand and you are good to go.


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3 Responses

  1. Wal

    Looks great!. How do you stop the cymbal from spinning on the stand?

  2. I use an aquarian cymbal spring. They should be available from most online retailers. I hope that helps.

  3. torchlord

    Will this rubber cover work with the choke design you have. What company makes them rubber practice pads. I couldnt seem to find them on the net.

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