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Drum shell, Cake Pan, What’s the Difference?

It’s at this point, we need a drum shell of some kind. Here’s what I came up with. We will use a 9″ dia. heavy duty cake pan. (see parts list). They’re cheap and they are just about the right size. Using the template (x4Ld.pdf), mark all holes with a punch and or nail. It’s a good idea to put a couple of pieces of tape one the template to hold it down while marking the holes. Once the holes are marked, remove the template and drill all holes. Be sure to refer to the template for the size of each hole. That’s pretty much it for the cake pans.

panout1.JPG panout2.JPG panout3.JPG

Next, we want to make the foam sensor coupling base plate.

Tools needed for this section:
– pencil
– hack saw
– drill with 3/8? drill bit
– hole punch or nail
– bench vise
– File

First cut out the Sensor Plate template (x4Lc.pdf). Using the template, place it on the 1″ x 1/8″ aluminum flat bar. Mark the length of the plate with your pencil and place it the bench vise. Carefully cut the plate to length with the hack saw. Once, you lightly file the cutting edge, tape the template back on the plate and mark the holes.

mark the holes

Remove the template and place the plate in the vise as shown

in vise

Now just drill your 3/8″ dia. holes.

drilling the holes

You may need to de-burr the holes once you are done drilling.

In the next post, we will put in the 1/4″ input jack, line-up the pan with the base and fasten the pan down.

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4 Responses

  1. Jim

    Would a 10″ pan be too big? Is there a lot of room between the edge if the cake pan and the rim?

    What size cake pan would you suggest using for an 8″ x4l trigger?

  2. When using cake pans, you always want to use a cake pan that is one inch smaller than your drum size. So a 10 inch drum needs a 9 inch cake pan. An 8 inch drum needs a 7 inch cake pan. Nine inch cakes are really common to find, however other sizes are not. You will most likely need to do a google search and purchase your cake pans online. I hope that helps.

  3. Tyson

    Hey Phil. First I have to say thank you so much for all your videos, drawings and especially all your posts over at DMdrummer. You have been extremely helpful in all my DIY projects over the years.

    I am looking at doing the cake pan method using the cake pan as the shell rather then placing it inside an existing acoustic drum. My question is would it work to make a foam stack like what is found in the Medeli DD-602? The foam would be from old couch cushions and of course a mouse pad on top. As for the reflection plate, I was just going to use some scrap metal I have laying around the yard? What problems if any (I’m sure there are a few) would I have doing it this way? Any insight is greatly appreciated

  4. I see no reason why you can’t use a reflection plate with the cake pan. I’ve done this myself and it works fine. I also did a slightly different take on the reflection plate idea that actually worked pretty well. Here’s the link: X4L Mylar Refection Plate (Update)

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