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DMEditor 1.0, PC Control of your Alesis DM10!

Published on January 4, 2012 by in Drum Modules

If you have been wanting total control of your Alesis DM10 or DM8 from your PC, your wish has just come true. DMEditor 1.0 is a “kit librarian” software for your Alesis DM10 or DM8 electronic drum modules. Until now the Alesis DM10 (and DM8) was not able to save off one kit to your computer. It was an all or nothing module dump. Now with DMEditor 1.0 you can build you own kits (using the loaded soundest in the module) from your computer and save those kits individually to your PC so you can share with others. Not only can you save an individual kit but, you can also save individual instruments. Here’s a few screen shots:
The software is an easy to use application that works on your PC. All the tools to build a great sounding kit in your Alesis DM10 (or DM8) module are right at your fingertips. For more information about DMEditor 1.0, be sure to check out www.dmeditor.com. And don’t forget to become part of the conversation about this new development over at www.DMdrummer.com as well.
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11 Responses

  1. About dang time! :)

    I hope he’s not given up on mixing and matching soundset parts. That should be considered the “holy grail”.

  2. Guinness

    WOW. I didn’t know this was available. VERY COOL!

  3. Ferruccio

    Hi, where can I download DMEditor?
    Have I pay something or just a donation? and to who?

  4. It looks like the main download page has been updated. Here’s the new page: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B7dUL68TzQR3b3JESVI2WS1oMUE/edit?pli=1

  5. DuPe

    …is it functional?

  6. I’ve used it myself, So yes its functional.

  7. Joy Goldar

    Hi, this is way too awesome but where can we download the pre-defined kits for our sets, example – I want the sound of Metallica’s kit from the black album. Any idea where u can get those???

  8. Vitaliy

    Hey guys, I bought Alesis dm10 x mesh kit, and I was buying it with the hope to upgrade Blue Jay Sound Library. Right after my purchase I started the dialogue with Alesis.com and they sales department by email about buying Blue Jay, but to be honest their communication is not the best – they answer slowly and very generic. I am from Ukraine so I don’t have an opportunity to pick up a phone and call the American phone number, but I was not guided or given any kind of advice about how I can make that purchase. Maybe someone has already bought Blue Jay and is ready to share or sell this library if Alesis.com don’t want to do it. I will appreciate any feedback

  9. There is no easy way to say this, so I’m going to be blunt. The DM10 is close to being obsolete and Alesis stopped selling the Blue Jay sound set about a year ago. Unfortunately, you can not just buy the Blue Jay sound set form an other user because the sound set is tied to each unique serial number of a DM10. I’m sorry but there is no way for you to get the Blue Jay sounds set for your module. I wish I could help. :(

  10. Hi I had no usb lead when I got my kit second hand. Is it a special one or can I use a printer usb cable. If no were can I get one from.

    Thanks Brian

  11. Robbie

    A normal USB Printer cable seems to be working on my DM10. I am looking for the manual. I am trying to figure out how to pull the kits I have built in the module into the software before I delete them. They aren’t anything special but I have done a little tweeking.

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