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DIY Rim Switch

Rim Switch Concept

This topic came up at Vdrum.com.  The topic title is “Pondering an upgrade” The author (online name, BeyondStupidity) of the post stated the he was having some problems getting his Raper circuit, that he used for the rim sensor, to work correctly on his Roland TD-10. After I read his post I came up with the idea that you see in the picture above. The rim switch is based on the same basic principle as the cymbal switch that was written about in “Get a Choke Hold (eCybmal Choke Switch)” To get the whole story I highly suggest reading the posted Topic “Pondering an upgrade” straight from the Vdrum.com website. The proceeding is the post that I submitted with this rim switch idea:


Originally Posted by BeyondStupidity View Post

Thanks Hellfire, I guess i kinda dismissed the idea of rim triggers along with the raper circuit. I’l love to see what you’ve come up with. Thanks again!

Here are a few pictures to show the idea. Keep in mind it is just that, an idea. To keep it simple, we want to use the rim as part of the switch. If your lugs are all metal (which most are) you can run a wire from any of the lug screws inside the tom shell. That would be “contact#1”. Using a conduit clamp bent it to the shape as shown in the pictures, and bolt it through the tom shell. From the inside of the tom shell, use the bolt of the conduit for your second wire, this is “contact#2”. Now, the way it is shown in the picture the switch would be very small, but if you use two or three clamp and bolt those to an arch shape piece of wood and then put some rubber on it, you are good to go. Now if you have to much isolation between the piezo mount (for you head) and the wall of the shell, it may not work well. Most people use rubber washers on the mounting of their cross bar, you may need to omit those. If that is how you built your drums.

Remember this is just the concept stage and much more can be done to give it a more finished look. One more thing, the space between the clamp and rim needs to be as small as possible. A gap about as thick as a piece of paper. The bigger the gap, the louder the click will be when you hit it. I think this should work. Let me know what you think.

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