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ddrum Forum, The new Unofficial Online Community

Published on October 27, 2010 by in eDrum News

We are happy to let the edrum community know that a new edrum forum has been created for all the ddrum electronic drum users out there. This new unofficial ddrum forum was started by veteran edrum player/musician sam(otacon28). When it comes to ddrum electronic drums Sam is the go to man.

Ddrum electronic drums are no longer manufactured, but the user base of these great products is still very sizable. If you use a Ddrum electronic drum product and want to share your knowledge to other ddrum users or you are thinking of buying one of these ddrum products, then you need to check out: unofficially-ddrum.proboards.com.

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  1. You rock Phil !

    Thank you for hooking the new forum up with a link here . Very cool of you indeed brotha’ . I’ll be linking you up on there as well .

    Much respect to you man ,


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