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ddrum DD5X Electronic Drum Set

Published on January 27, 2014 by in eDrum News

This is the new Ddrum DD5X electronic drum set. Ddrum hasn’t done much in the way of electronic drums in the last 10 plus years, but it looks as if Ddrum is ready to do more than just dip their toe in the edrum market. This electronic drum kit is a vast improvement over their first dip into the market (Ddrum DD1 Electronic Drum Kit). The price (according to Ddrum’s own site) is $1,399.00. I think this is great that Ddrum is starting to get back into the edrum market. With that stated, I do want to point out that this new kit looks to be a rebrand of the Medeli DD518DX drum kit. That isn’t necessary a bad thing. The pads on these kits are easy to upgrade to mesh (see: Alesis DM10 Pad Upgrade Video!). Here’s a video from winter NAMM 2014 with more info:

Quick update: If you live outside the USA you can order a mesh head version of the Ddrum DD5X:


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4 Responses

  1. Roberto Muñoz

    I have a drums set DDRUM-dd1, a need information for Ddrum DD5X
    I live in Santiago, Chile, what is your representation in Chile for this model.
    Please send me information, catalog and direction of your representation in Chile.

  2. For more info on th eDdrum DD5X please visit: http://www.ddrum.com/dd5x.php

  3. gdbsfr

    the sound module seems to be very similar with the thomann millenium mps-600: http://www.thomann.de/fr/millenium_mps600_edrum_modul.htm

  4. And you would be correct because both the DD5X module and the Millennium mps-600 are both re-branded Medeli modules.

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