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Ddrum DD1 Electronic Drum Kit, NEW!

Published on April 24, 2010 by in eDrum News

Is Ddrum trying to get back into the electronic drum arena? It seems that Ddrum has decided to stick their toe in the water to see how it feels. This is their new DD-1 Electronic Drum Kit. Why do I say they are testing the water? The DD-1 looks to be a rebranded Medeli DD505D Digital Drum Kit. There is at least one thing that makes this different from the standard Medeli DD505D Set and that’s this Ddrum edrum kit has it’s signature red color branding. It also, looks as if Ddrum might have there own branded  bass pedal and hi-hat controller as well. Here’s a better view of the cymbals and drum triggers:

According to DRUM magazine (May issue 167, page 69) “The company’s working on expansion, USB in and out, and iPod hookup, but right now it’s just designed for the hookups that come with it.”

I look forward to what Ddrum may offer in the future. It seems obvious to me that this kit is a way for Ddrum to re-enter the market, build a little revenue (because entry level kits sell very well right now), and then work their way back into the pro side of the electronic drum arena.

Ddrum DD1 Electronic Drum Kit Features (Subject to change):

  • Ddrum module
  • One crash cymbal pad
  • One ride cymbal pad
  • One hi-hat cymbal pad
  • Hi-hat controller pedal
  • Four single zone drum pads
  • One kick drum stand and pad
  • Rack system
  • Aux in for ipod or mp3 player
  • 215 Voices
  • 20 Preset Kits, 10 User Kits
  • 50 Preset Songs
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10 Responses

  1. AlmightyFireFly

    Well, it is just another Medeli product, but we can hope that Ddrum is having thier own sound bank installed. Pintech did that with thier EZ module and it’s not the best, but better. I hold out much hope for these, and want more competition on the mid and high end kits. Price reductions are needed and hopefully Ddrum will bring the heat eventually!

  2. Darryl Salazar

    this is the Simmons SD5K, OSP DD-502, same voices etc. Check it out on YouTube.

  3. Yes it is. That is why I stated “looks to be a rebranded Medeli DD505D Digital Drum Kit”. All the kits you stated in your comment is a rebranded Medeli. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Adam

    Is it possible to play double bass on this kit using an external double bass pedal?

  5. jxbeatnik

    double bass on this kit with double bass pedal. are you kidding. the tracking on this kit is maybe half of what you might expect from an old alesis module. this is a kids edrum set, or something for beginners that might want to get accustomed to playing drums for the first time. a definate no go for professionals, or semi-pros. ddrum in sweden are embarrassed that their name is on a plastic chinese medeli 550. go grab the simmons or pintech version if you want some variety of this cheap module.

  6. klink1023

    I happen to be a expert on this drumset so no it is not for little kids and double bass is a tight squeeze to fit on the pad but the relay on the double hits are a milisecond behind you wont realize it.

  7. lance*drummer*hotrodsgarageband

    I’m a drummer in a local hard rock/metal band and I won an esp viper guitar from the music store that sponsored our show. I traded the guitar back to the owner that night for the dd1 set just for a practice set cuz well, practicing on my set is a Lil loud…lol I’ve never wanted an elec. set but this will cost me $50 (that’s what I spent on raffle tickets) so any advice or info on this setup would be helpful….like programming the module to use for effects on my REAL kit? Uploading songs to play along with? Some mild dbl. bass patterns? Thanx. \m/

  8. Jeff

    I was wondering can you add another brand kick pad to this set that a double pedal would fit on? If so what do you recommend?

  9. You should be able to use the stock kick pad it comes with. It is plenty large enough to accommodate a double pedal. I hope that helps.

  10. Jeff

    Thanks Phil, Also do you you know anything about some kind of drop clutch for the Hi Hat pedal

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