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Compact DIY edrum Concept (Attention UK DIY’ers)


At Hellfire drums, we are always looking for easy ways to DIY your own electronic drum kit. While doing an internet search for new products, we found the above Practice drum kit for sale in the UK. What makes this practice kit unique is the use of mesh drumheads and its compact nature. In reality there is not much that would need to be done to make this into a great compact edrum kit (£119.50 for the kit). For more info on this kit see RockemMusic.com.

Lets look at the advantages to using this practice kit.
1) If you like mesh drums heads, 2 ply mesh heads are already included.
2) Each drum is on its own stand. Can we say no cross talk issues?
3) Hi-hat and bass pedal are already included to the package.

So what is left to do to make this a nice little edrum kit? Just add some off the shelf drum triggers. How about Ddrum red shots? (£20.25 each)

red shot

As long as positional detection is not important to you the red shots should do the job quite nicely. Convert the plastic practice cymbal to triggers, and add you favorite drum module (maybe a stand for the module as well). That’s pretty much it.

Now, I do see somethings that might not be so great. For one, the hardware isn’t all that heavy duty and the cymbals don’t look that heavy either. Of course you will still need to convert the hi-hat stand to a hi-hat controller, but outside of those issues, it looks to be one interesting DIY possibility.

I do have an alternative for the cymbals, if you find they are too light weight. What’s nice about being in the UK (if you are) you guys have option there that we don’t have here in the state. Like the availably to get these T&W Percussion 14″ Practice cymbal. What makes these so great? There are rubberized practice cymbals. At £9.78 each I would at least try to convert one of these as an electronic cymbal to see how well they work.

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  1. yash sharma

    i am from india and would love to buy this kit can u tell me its prices including symbols and crash and the delivery charges

  2. I’m sorry I don’t sell anything.

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