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Home DIY Electronic Drums Almost Finished! (Teaser Pictures)

Almost Finished! (Teaser Pictures)

I pretty much have the X4L edrums finished. It is just a matter of taking my notes/pictures and writing the posts. I thought I would put these pictures up as a teaser. It’s Basically to show what they will look like when finished and I hope to inspire other DIY’ers to make them as well.





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  1. Hello Phil,I am very excited about your design.Mainly because it is so cost effective.I have printed your templates and I am ready to go to home depot!Everything I have seen and read makes complete sense to me….but I guess in the back of my mind I’m thinking..Have you played them,do they trigger well? I have a set of Rolands that I use for gigging & practicing with bands.I would be using these X4L pads for a home practice kit.I would be happy to let people know about your design and spread the word about Hellfire.I found no way to email you direct so I am hoping to contact you through this comment.Dave zionatdirt@yahoo.com Thanks.

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