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Alesis Revamping its eDrum Division?

Published on January 2, 2013 by in eDrum News

Well, its hard to tell. What we do know is currently Alesis is looking for a new product manager (link) for their electronic drum division. On top of that, many Alesis edrum products are no longer being sold by the several large online retailers. Many of these online retailers are listing these items as discontinued. The Alesis drum products that appear to be the most effected by this are the DM6, DM7, DM8, DM10 studio kit, and the popular Trigger I/O TMI device.

What about DMdock?

There is also the case of the mysterious DMdock. The DMdock is/was an Apple iPad electronic drum dock that would turn your iPad into an edrum module. The DMdock was shown back at winter NAMM 2012. At the time Alesis stated that the release of the DMdock was slated for second quarter 2012. That came and went, then online retailers had estimates of fall and then winter 2012. And of course the DMdock was not even at the Alesis booth as Summer NAMM 2012. If you look up the DMdock on these retailers websites, you will now see date estimates of May 2013.

Alesis has not officially stated any of these products are discontinued, however it is hard not to think this when you can read from Alesis’ own help forum the part of the following conversion:

Link “Alesis DM8 Pro discontinued?

The above conversation is dealing with the Alesis DM8 Pro kit, but you will find this is true for the other products listed earlier in this article as well.

I wonder if Alesis will be showing any of its edrum offerings at winter NAMM 2013 (outside of the DM10 module and DM10X kit)? Will they show the DMdock again, being that it was missing at summer NAMM 2012? Hopefully all of this means Alesis is revamping, rebooting, reorganizing (what ever you want to call it) their electronic drum division. Only time will tell.

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