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Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat

Published on January 22, 2014 by in eDrum News

From Alesis Product Guide 2014:

Dual Cymbal Hi-Hat Controller For DM10 / DM8

  • 12” single-zone top and bottom cymbals
  • Authentic hi-hat playability and feel
  • Create open, half-open, closed, chick, and splash sounds
  • Compatible with any standard hi-hat stand
  • Includes top cymbal, bottom cymbal, clutch, and position sensor
  • Patent pending technology

For more: http://www.alesis.com/tradeshows/wnamm2014/alesis.html

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11 Responses

  1. is it compabilite with roland module td20? tnx

  2. Don’t know yet. Alesis really hasn’t released any info about it. We do know that it is single zone. If your using a TD-20, you might want to use a Roland hi-hat (VH-11) since that set-up is dual zone.

  3. Is it compabilite with PEARL RedBox module? Thanks…

  4. The conventional wisdom is yes, because Pearl is releasing their own version. This was found out on http://www.DMdrummer.com, a good forum for Alesis DM10 and Pearl REDbox users.

  5. Hi, could you tell me if these will work with the ALesis trigger io? thanks so much

  6. Hi Dave,
    I haven’t got around to testing the Alesis Pro X Hi-Hat with my Trigger I/O yet. Hopefully, I get around to it after Thanksgiving.

  7. Karl nelson

    Just got mine today and I am using it with the trigger io and I must say wow it works straight out the box. The only thing I don’t like is the clutch that comes with it. It tends to slide on my mapex stand so I changed it for the maapex clutch that I already had.

  8. Karl nelson

    I also forget to add that I will be testing with the alesis sample rack in a few weeks time when it arrives. I will post my finding here when i have tested it.

  9. Janne

    Does it works with Roland TD3?

  10. Not 100% sure. Keep in mind that the Alesis Pro X hi-hats are single zone only. I believe the Roland TD3 can accept a dual zone hi-hat.

  11. John Loy

    Will the Pro X hi hat work with the samplepad Pro?

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