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Home Drum Modules Alesis DM7 USB Electronic Drum Kit **NEW**

Alesis DM7 USB Electronic Drum Kit **NEW**

Alesis will most likely be introduced the new Alesis DM7 USB Electronic Drum Kit at PASIC on Nov 10 in Indianapolis. Hellfiredrums.com was made aware of this from a post at our sister site DMdrummer.com. Thanks goes to DMdrummer.com member Vaikl. Here is the link to the topic on DMdrummer.com as a reference: DM 7 with three-zone snare pad at the door?

Here are a few more pic (links) of the kit.

Alesis DM7 USB Electronic Drum Kit Key Features are:

  • Five-drum, three-cymbal drum kit with USB-enabled drum module
  • More than 400 stereo sounds in 80 kits
  • Large, triple-zone snare pad for triggering head, rimshot and cross-stick sounds
  • Crash with choke feature to immediately stop the sound
  • Customize each drum and cymbal’s volume, pan, tuning, and reverb, and apply EQs
  • Play along with your iPod or other music source using the mix input
  • Pre-assembled DMRack for quick setup and stable support
  • Plug-and-play USB connection for Mac and PC works with virtually all music software
  • Includes Toontrack EZ Drummer Lite software

Alesis DM7 USB Kit Electronic Drum Set Includes:

  • DM7 USB drum module
  • Triple-zone 12″ drum pad
  • (3) Single-zone 8″ pads
  • Kick pad with stand
  • 8″ Hi-hat
  • 12″ Crash with choke
  • 12″ Ride
  • Hi-hat control pedal
  • DMRack with mounting hardware
  • Cable snake
  • Module mount
  • Power supply
  • Software CD
  • Screwdriver
  • Drumkey
  • Quick start guide

For more information on the Alesis DM7 USB Electronic Drum Kit, be sure to visit Alesis.com.

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6 Responses

  1. Old newbie

    ok i, like my name says am a newbie at the edrum kit game, here it goes, and sorry if this is a dumb question. What is the importance of a usb connection.

  2. It allows a user to connect it to their PC/MAC so they can take advantage of drum VSTi’s and/or record the midi data that is sent.

  3. Darryl Salazar

    looks like this is Alesis version of the Simmons SD7PK e kit.

  4. No, it is not the same. The module is very different and Simmons/Medeli doesn’t have a three zone snare.

  5. Bluefish

    I bought the DM7, and I am really enjoying it, however, there is no “how to” manual. Does anyone out there know of a better instruction manual on how to use and access the features that it has?


  6. For some strange reason alesis hasn’t put out the full blown manual yet. I don’t know why. I would keep checking the alesis website for time to time to see if they release a full blown manual. You could also try going to DMdrummer.com. It is a fan forum site for alesis edrum users. There is a lot of good info there and a few of them do use a DM7 kit. I hope that helps.

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