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Alesis DM10 Pro Kit – Video Review

This post is a follow-up to the Alesis DM10 Pro Kit Review (part 1 of 2). This post is also a special edition Hellfire Electronic Drum Systems video podcast of the Alesis DM10 module. Consider this review to be part 2 of 2. The video has been split up into three parts. You may have seen part one on YouTube, but the audio quality isn’t that great on YouTube. Because of this you may want to listen to video #1 again here in better quality. Below are the links to the videos. Enjoy!

DM10 Video #1

DM10 Video #2

DM10 Video #3

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51 Responses

  1. Ulm

    Thanks a lot for this awesome review !

  2. Nice review! I just picked up this set last week and have been working on becoming more familiar with it over the past few days. It is my first electronic kit, but so far I am very happy with it. Have you used this module as a controller for other software? I have it hooked up to a BFD2 setup (which I am also in the process of learning), but I’m wondering if it is possible to load sounds from the BFD2 software back into the module to take on the road without needing to bring along a laptop.

  3. Hi thedaego,

    I have used the Trigger I/O by Alesis with BFD lite.

    As far as loading sounds from BFD2, the quick answer is no. For a better answer, you might want to check out the podcast I did with the Alesis product manager Jim Norman at:


    It will shed a lot of light on the subject.
    I hope that helps.

  4. You say in the video that the module does only support 1-zone hihat (or did I missundstood you?). I actually wrote Alesis support, this is the mails:

    Question:Hello. I’m wondering if the Alesis DM10 module supports dual-zonehihats? I’m thinking of buying a Alesis DM10 set with an additional 2-zonehihat.

    Answer: Hello Hwasser, That’s correct, the DM10 supports use of a dual zone hi-hat.

  5. That’s correct. I stated 1-zone hihat in the video. I also stated that there is an update on Alesis website for the the DM10 and that I did not install it. That update may (or may not) change the hihat set-up. I won’t know until I do the update. You could plug the second zone into one of the unused inputs but, (best I can tell) it will not be controlled by the foot controller.

  6. darv

    hi Phil,
    i’m from italy and i’d like to know your opinion: roland pd 12 or alesis dm10?

  7. If you are just talking the modules, I like the dm10 because of the layering sounds option. As far as the kits go, if you are trying to stay on a budget go with the DM10. If you have the money go with the Roland TD-12. The best advice I can give you is, find a music store that has both kits and try them yourself before you buy.

  8. spursauto42

    Does anybody know if any of the big box stores are going to start carrying the DM10 kit? Can’t find it anywhere to test, let alone buy. I asked at Sam Ash and he told me he could order it but it would not come in till January. Love the review BTW!

  9. I’m not 100% sure if they will. I is a big stakes game to get equipment into those stores and companies sometimes have to pay big buck to get their stuff on the show room floor.

  10. Al

    Amazing Phil !

    Thank you so much for sharing all your ideas and tips to DIYers and the ALESIS users community !

    It was impossible to have a decent review of the DM10 here in France, and you brought me the best review i could dream ! That is your testing that made the deal for me and i am now the happy owner a this cool e-kit since last week.

    I am really OK with you : Alesis need to make a professional promotional video (like the one from Pearl RED BOX) to this incredible module.
    (in fact, you could be the perfect guy in this video ;))

  11. thenoobdrummer

    Hi! I’m french, and i just bought this kit on the internet. I’l receiving it in a few days, but i could stll change it. You sais that you changed the feeling and the calibrage of the drumset, but it’s my first electric drum kit! should i call a salesman to help me, or is it easy to set up and to calibrate and evrything?

  12. You should not need any special tools to calibrate the DM10 module. The manual explains that. If you are wanting to change out the drum head for a mesh head, you might want to view this video: Alesis DM10 Pad Upgrade Video!

  13. jasonsr3

    I finally got to audition the dm10pro kit today, which isnt easy as nobody has them on display I only found one store in Atlanta with one to show. I was impressed it looked, played and sounded great. I kept thinking why is this so cheap, you get so much. I only had one question about the heads, the snare was not tight enough and it was really hard to do a double stick roll. I never had a salesperson offer to help so I didnt ask him about it,just as well I’ll buy it on line anyway but it was probly just a little loos. Have you had any probs. not getting the heads tight enough or the heads not staying tight after playing? Thanks and nice vids. very helpfull.

  14. I was able to get the head pretty tight. I did have to tighten them back up after about 2 weeks of play. I hope that helps. BTW, the DM10 pro kit use standard drum heads so any standard drum head will work with the kit.

  15. edgar

    Awesome review. I definitely going to get the module but was wondering if you have seen the Alesis dm10 Studio kit. It has the rubber cymbals and the heads are more like regular acoustic heads instead of mesh. Was leaning more toward the studio kit when release because of the lower price point and the extra tom/crash.

  16. Both the Pro and the Studio kits use the acoustic heads. If you are a gigging drummer I would go with the Pro. If you don’t plan on moving your kit much I would go with the Studio. I hope that helps.

  17. edgar

    I’m a complete newbie to drums so I’m not likely to be gigging any time soon lol. Have you tried out the firmware upgrade on your dm10 module yet?

    I saw some winter namm videos that stated they were getting some new sounds for the module in the future, so that might be cool to check out for another podcast.

  18. I have done the firmware upgrade to my DM10. I didn’t notice much difference. I think it updated some of the trigger parameters and some of the samples sounds clearer.

  19. Jeff

    How do you fix the Crosstalk? Sometimes when I hit my toms or bass drum the ride goes off. Can you help? Good vids by the way and tnx alot!

  20. It is a matter of tweaking the crosstalk setting for all the triggers that are effected. It is slightly different for all drum set-ups. I hope that helps.

  21. zak

    Hello. I bring you from Serbia, first to praise your video clips, then I can be proud that I have a few days ago became the proud owner of Alesis dm10 Pro-kit for when I just say thank you! Last year I used a Roland HD-1, Alesis dm5, Roland TD-9s that are not nearly Alesis dm10, only hi-hat controler should be little used to it, but as regards settings sempla-sets and it is just extra. can be made virtually any set of acoustic drums. all praise for Alesis !!!!!!!!

  22. Dan

    Hi, thanks for your excellent review… I recently got the kit, and after reading the manual and watching your videos, am only slightly clearer about something…

    I am still getting an unpleasant amount of latency, which you said was easily fixed with a bit of tweaking… does this just mean playing with the responsiveness and threshold settings, or is there something I’m missing? I’ve played around with these a lot, as well as the curves etc, but it’s still not quite right, your kit in the video sounds a hundred times tighter…

    Thanks, Dan.

  23. I don’t remember talking about latency. I don’t have a latency issue with the DM10. Are you using this with a VST on your computer. If you are the latency issue is do to your sound card, not the DM10. I hope that helps.

  24. Chris

    Hi Phil,
    after viewing your review and reading many threads I´m wondering why this kit is that cheap. In my opinion Yamaha or Roland do not have anything like that for this price. Or is there anything else we have to consider? If not, I gonna buy it!!!!
    Greetings from Berlin

  25. Pier

    Hi, I’m a drummer from Italy.
    Thanks so much for this great review; it was what I was looking for. I’m trying to catch a store here in Italy that sells the DM10 Studio Kit, but it seems that the kit will be sold after June… :-(
    Anyway the drum ‘brain’ looks OK to me — I had some doubts on the pads, but You seem happy with them and the dynamics seem great too on Your videos.
    Maybe the rolls are ‘so and so’ (and I’m btw talking about how the controller reads the strokes and the rebounds — not questioning Your technique).
    Thanks again for the good job and kindest regards

  26. tjnovak2011

    Hi jasonsr3, i saw you said that demoed one in atlanta and was wondering which store in ATL carries the kit. I’m in school in charleston but home is marietta so downtown is only 20 minutes away. PLEASE reply i would really like to try this kit out before i drop a grand on it!

  27. bubbadrump

    So where can I get the “mouse pad” material you mentioned that should be changed? Also do you need to tape it back to the medal or can you just place it in there? Also could that mouse pad stuff be too thick to pic up the hits?

  28. Any office supply store should have the mouse pads.

  29. afropunk

    Hi Phil, first off thanks for the review, has been very helpful. I currently own a Hart Pro snare and was thinking of using this with the DM10. I was also looking to split the spare inputs to add a few extra mono cymbals. Just wanted to ask you quickly whether the DM10 does support the standard Hart/Roland/Pintech pads to accommodate these changes, or perhaps you might know of some potential issues.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. What you want to do should be fine. There is a Trigger type Compatibility list over at DMdrummer.com that Alesis put out. It doesn’t list Hart but it does list Roland and Pintech so you should be good. You can split the spare inputs with a standard splitter. Here’s that link to the Compatibility list (scroll down to the DM10):

    I hope that helps.

  31. afropunk

    Thanks Phil, I appreciate the response and links. I had one more question in regards to the kick pad. I am a double bass player and am looking to use my DW pedal with this kit. From your experience do you feel it will cope with a double kick pedal, or perhaps I ought to look at getting some additional patches or even upgrading the kick pad altogether. It does look a little light and all the vids I’ve seen so far have no double kick pedals (although it looks like it was made to accommodate a double kick).

  32. It is made to accommodate a double kick pedal. I don’t use one but I do know that a few members over at DMdrummer.com use a double kick pedal with it. They haven’t reported away major problems with it.

  33. Eric

    Hey Phil,

    I have the Alesis DM10 Studio Kit. I’m having a lot of trouble getting the high hat to sound good. I’ve calibrated it but for some reason getting the right control over the pedal and the hi hat seems to be an issue. Any way you could do a video on different ways to can setup and optimize the sound of the hi hat? If so, that would be awesome and I know very helpful for a lot of people.

    Thanks so much!

  34. I’m sorry, I’m not able to make a video of this. Your best bet is to ask your question over at DMdrummer.com. There are a good number of people that use the DM10 there and might be able to help. Be sure to describe the issue you are having. Say you’re having trouble getting it to sound good doesn’t describe much. I hope that helps.

  35. Slapstyle

    Great review. Thanks a lot. I just got my kit a few days ago and finished setting it up this morning. I’ve spent a couple hours messing around, calibrating things and adjusting sensitivity. The thing that gets me is, samples on the website, youtube videos, and your video all sound incredible. Many of the kits sound super realistic and impressive, but to my ear, in person… not so much. Maybe it’s the increased articulation of having headphones on and hearing all the little details and nuances, but everything sounds so fake and sampled to me. I’m interested to hear what it sounds like through my new Simmons DA200S drum monitor, as well as through a PA, and recorded straight into pro tools. So far though, I guess I’m a little underwhealmed.

  36. SpadeRaven

    Alright, so hears the great news! After about a month of detailed and very indepth research on the Alesis DM10 Pro Kit I have found what it all comes down to. Considering the drum head conversion to mesh heads (which was all learned from this site and Phil’s kick ass posts) and the offerings of the DM10 module, it really was just a question of of why spend the money on a Roland TD9. The only thing that the Roland TD9 has on the DM10 Pro Kit is the fact that the hi-hat and crash cymbals are dual zone. The DM10 module is superior in many ways that come down to further expansion of your kit and more depth in configuring of sounds and layering, and all for $1200 less! Pretty much all of the places i’ve searched for pricing quote the same price which is $1499 to $1600. The only single place that had a better price was a New York store called J&R and can be found at jr.com. They have a list price of $1199 brand new with shipping included. They also have financing options. They hae been out of stock on the item for some time but after a phone call I found them quite helpful and willing to get the item as quickly as possible. After I lost my purchase money to auto repairs into my Jeep I relegated myself to biting the bullet paying the $1500, sucked because I knew where I could have bought one for $300 cheaper at J&R. So, I went to Guitar Center becuase the offer layaway and to my delight I found out that they also offer price matching! So, I was able to get the price I wanted and I was able to haggle them into throwing in a drum amp! How sweet is that? Looking to buy n Alesis DM10 Pro Kit for a great price but don”t want to buy online or pay the full price? Head over to Guitar Center and tell them about the price at J&R and they will pull it up online to confirm the price and hook you right the hell up! Drum on.


  37. puckett

    Good review but what about the sequencer?

  38. To be honest, I haven’t really got into the sequencer. I tend to only use the kit as drums with a few effects. What I have seen with the sequencer looks pretty cool. You can always try asking your question over at DMdrummer.com (largest base of DM10 users on the web). You could also download the manual for the DM10 and look over the section on the sequencer. There is a link to the DM10 manual over at DMdrummer.com as well under: Manuals & Tech Data links for DM10, Trigger I/O, DM6, DM5, DMpro, & D4
    I hope that helps.

  39. Slorangex

    are any mesh pads compatible with DM10 module? Because I am planning to buy this kit plus a mesh pad for snare (Millenium one from thomann, I guess?).

    Thank you for your answer :)

  40. I know some are. I’m not sure about thomann. What you might want to do is email thomann and ask them if their pads are compatible with the DM10. That is really the best way to know. Thanks for your question.

  41. Slorangex

    Once again, thank you for your quick answer :)

    Unfortunately, I have quite a few more questions, first one being about the loudness of the pads (some say they are extremely quiet, some say just the opposite). And, I also read that the bass drum pad is quite wobbly during play and quite unstable (although I don’t believe this statement very much).Also, some are complaining about the hi-hat pedal. Is that true?

    And the final question for now (which is probably not directly related with DM-10):)
    For example, I have a DM-10 drum module and I want to connect speakers + headphones to it. Would the simple splitter be fine or would I need an amplifier?

    You are truly a lifesaver, Phil. Thank you VERY much for your answers :)

  42. meahal19

    Thanks for all your posts. You are the reason I just purchased a DM10 Pro kit. I will void the warranty as soon as my Billy Blast heads come in. I ordered with the patch before I saw your post not to. Will the patch make a big difference? I have very little experience with drum modules. Out of the box as you know nothing sounds right and have tons of cross talk. I am going to update before i tweak any settings. Are there any posts on how to get rid of cross talk? I dont know which settings to play with and why ie.. cross talk send & rcv. sensitivity etc..

  43. The patch shouldn’t be that big of a deal. It will make the drum heads last a little longer, but it will also make them a touch louder. Still quieter then the stock heads however. Cross talk is different for everyone. It depends on some many variables (like how hard you play, size of stick you use, being on a concrete floor or a wood floor, how you have the rack set-up). Because of those variables, many users really need to just dive in and play around so they can get a better understanding of how cross talk works. I hope that helps.

  44. scupper2112

    Phil, you said any acustic head would do??? How about, lets say, Remo silver dots???? Or any over the counter heads????

  45. scupper2112

    Phil, can you use any over the counter head w/out the conversion????

  46. Yes, as long as it fits standard drum sizes. That includes mesh heads as well.

  47. Hi. I 4 months of buying my DM10X the kick pad has now failed 3 times. The piezo cracks and wire breaks. As alesis say it’s a perfect kick for both single and double kick players which I am I’ve had roughly 18 hours of play. When it went back under warranty last time in total I was without it nearly 3times as long as I had it hear with me. Surely Alesis have a cure for this constant kick drum failure , some say they should move or reinforce the piezo somehow I would just like to drum. Been playing since I was 10, I’m 45 now and feel let down because of this constant problem with the kick pad. It’s a shame. The play a billity samples and rest of the kit are great. Any ideas how I can fix it ? Extra padding ?

  48. That’s 4months not 14 months . Jan 2014

  49. Couple things you could do. You can buy a different kick trigger, or you can modify the one you have. The truth is, the kick pad on the Alesis kits are the Achilles heel of the kits. They are a poor design because of the location of the sensor in the pad. Unfortunately, the problem is the sensor is dead center to the pad and most drummers have their beaters hit dead center. Even though the kick trigger is made just like the other trigger pads, the problem is bass beats have a much greater impact pressure than a stick hit. If you go over to http://www.DMdrummer.com (it is a forum I run that deals with Alesis Drum equipment) you should be able to find a solution or two to your issue. Many have fixed the issue by doing a mesh head conversion to the trigger or like I stated earlier (if DIY isn’t your thing), purchase a different kind of kick trigger. I hope that helps.


  50. Tiberiu

    Hello Phil. I am owner of a newly Alesis DM 10 studio kit. Now I take care of the settings. Is there somewhere a kind of catalog of parameters for each pad, so to eliminate interference (crosstalks)? thanks

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