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Home Drum Modules Alesis DM10 module $599.00? **UPDATED LINKS**

Alesis DM10 module $599.00? **UPDATED LINKS**

Published on October 6, 2009 by in Drum Modules

According to MusicansBuy.com, the Alesis DM10 is being sold by itself for $599.00! This is an interesting development considering the whole DM10 Pro Kit was to be released first and then several months later Alesis might sell the module separately. Well, it looks like they might have changed the game plan a little. Hellfire drums is seeking confirmation from sources to make sure this is 100% true, but this is what we have right now….

NEW INFO (as of 12/27/09):


It looks as if MusicansBuy might be parting out kits. This would be simple to do give how the DM10 pro is packed is [see Alesis DM10 Pro Kit Review (part 1 of 2)]

Hellfire Drums knows that Alesis has not changed its game plan. Message from sources state:

Alesis is not yet offering the DM10 module alone to dealers.

So, chances are that MusicansBuy is parting out kits.

MORE NEW INFO (as of 12/30/09):

MusicansBuy is no longer selling the DM10 Module by itself. See comments below.

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7 Responses

  1. newbee

    Hay, I just called Musicians Buy and they said they do NOT have the modules to sell alone. He said that Alesis doesn’t have enough modules for the existing production DM10 so no time soon :(. I just bought Superior 2.0 and 2 Alesis I/O’s instead… So far not to happy :(

  2. Thanks for the update. Sorry to hear that you couldn’t get the DM10 module. I have noticed that most online retailers show the Alesis DM10 Pro Kit out of stock. I wrote a post over at DMdrummer.com about this very topic. You have now confirmed what I had suspected, a production issue. Again, thanks for the information.

  3. StephenJ

    First off, thanks for the reviews.
    I’m trying to get a handle on the actual quality of the on-board sounds. Sure wish you could post some MP3’s of the module playing some patterns (not music just drums)of various kits.

    All the best,

  4. I did a video review as well which you can see here:
    Alesis DM10 Pro Kit – Video Review

    I hope that helps.

  5. Ghostnotes

    So far i am happy with the DM-10 Studio. No machine gun effects and i am doing the mesh pad conversion as well. What i am not happy about is one of the main reasons i bought it was the fact that they advertised i would be able to load new sounds into the dm-10. I contacted Alesis and NI about this months ago and nobody seems to have an answer as to when and or how this will be done. They speak about it in just about every article/ youtube video you can find.This was supposed to be the big selling point of this module but now it seems they have forgotten.

  6. I’m with you Ghostnotes. The new sound sets have been a sticking point with me as well. As a matter of fact you can read a good topic about it (that I started) over at DMdrummer.com called:

    Custom Sound Sets, Alesis v.s. Pearl, Who will be first!

    I don’t know if you know but Pearl is using the same tech as the Alesis DM10 in their new RED Box for the ePro Live edrums. More and more people are starting to feel the same way that you and I do.

  7. Ghostnotes

    It’s getting to the point where i think legal action needs to be looked into. I am going to submit my issue to P.C. World and i also think you should bring the issue up here as a news topic as well(and on youtube).Also if possible if you can, contact people on your mailing list who owns one and give them my email address,maybe an edrum magazine that you have any ties with . I am going to contact them one more time and if i get the runaround, i am going forward with this.I am so sick and tired of companies not living up to the claims they advertise and a lot of people spent a fair amount of their hard earned money for something we have not received. With your help and others, i hope we can get this problem resolved.

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