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Alesis DM Dock Pro Kit & more from NAMM 2013!

Published on January 24, 2013 by in eDrum News

Today Alesis will be showing off its new DM Dock Pro Kit along with a few more updated edrum items. Let’s start with what is pictured above. The Alesis DM Dock Pro Kit is the new flagship edrum kit from Alesis. The heart of the this kit is the Alesis DM Dock which originally was announced at winter NAMM 2012 (Alesis DM Dock, iPad Drum Module!). The kit itself is actually the same kit used for the Alesis DM10X kit with one exception, the new kick trigger.

The new Stealthkick 2 is a slight update from the original (Alesis StealthKick Trigger). This is a needed change for the Alesis line of edrums. One of the biggest complaints from most Alesis edrum users was the physical noise level of the Alesis RealHead Kick Pad. The new Stealthkick 2 addresses this issue greatly.

Alesis also announced the new DM7X Kit. This looks to be a replacement for the Alesis DM7 USB Kit. The reason I say replacement is because the module for the DM7X Kit looks to be totally different from the older DM7 USB kit.  Other notable updates for the DM7X kit is the use of the new Stealthkick 2 (see above), new cymbal triggers, and a larger configuration of triggers.

For more information on these new Alesis edrum items be sure to check out: www.inmusicbrands.com/wnamm2013/alesis

And also, be sure to join the conversation about Alesis edrums over at: www.DMdrummer.com

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